Keeping Secrets *Iron Man/ Avengers Story*

Faith Daniels just found out that her father is Tony Starks. Tony life change when Faith is at his front door. All her friends are kids of the Avengers. But they find out when they all meet. Loki has come back. But this time he going after Faith. She has the power of being Indestructible. What will Faith do?


9. Chapter 9

We all went back to S.H.I.E.L.D. They take my friends their family except for Jane, to a different room on another floor. This guy named Fury takes us to a computer room that has a lot of people working. Tony tells me to sit down. I do what I'm told. Tony walks around the table mad. I can tell by the movements he's making. I look through my phone.

"The hell does he want with her?" Tony asks.

"I don't know. But calm done." Fury says.

"Calm down? Calm down?! How am I suppose to do that when my daughter is in danger.!" Tony yells.

I stand up and I walk to Rodgers. He has his arms crossed. I poke his arm. He uncrosses his arms. He turns towards me.

"What's wrong?" he asks.

"I don't understand what's going on. Could you tell me?" I ask him.

"Loki..."I hear Thor say behind Rodgers." he tried to take over this world. As you might remember he tried to take over New York City. He tried to get this thing called The Tesseract." Thor continued.

"He's stupid for doing that." Tony said

"Don't talk about him like that. He's my brother." Thor said.

"He called you right?" Jane said.

I nod.

"We might be able to track him down. And know where he is." Jane said as she walked to me. She asked for my phone.I gave it to her.

Tony walks to me. He stands right in front of me. I think I need to tell him now.

"I need to talk to you." I mumbled.

"Okay. What's up?" he asked.

"I'm going home." I said as I look at him.

"Okay. I'll meet you there. Take Pepper with you." He said as he turned.

"That's not what I mean." I said as I look at the ground.

"Then what do you mean?" he asked.

"I mean home. Home home. I want to go back to New York with Grams." I said sadly.

"What? Are you crazy? You just got a call from the villain. And you just wanna go home like nothing happened?" He yells.

I look around. I see everyone's eyes on us.

"Well we'll bring her over here. But your not leaving California." he said calmly.

"Well watch me." I yelled as I walked out.

Toy's POV:

I watch her walk out. I followed her but an arm was blocking me. I see that its Rodgers. I turn around. I rub my face. I let out a sigh. I removed my hand looked at everyone. I sat down. I here footsteps behind me. I turn around hoping it was Faith.It ended up to be Pepper.

I sighed again.

"Well this is the first time where you didn't want to see me." she said as she rubbed my shoulders.

"Its Faith. She can be a pain in butt." I said as I got up.

I walked out. I walk passed a room. I see someone in there. I walk back. I looked through the glass. I see Faith crying. I walk pass it. Again. I walk back and opened the door. She looks up and rolls her eyes. She looks back down. I see she looking at a picture of her mother. I sat next to her. I look at the photo of Deleanor. I smile a bit. I look at her. I wrap my arms around her. She just stood still for a second. She moved a little closer to me.

"How was mom like?"she asked me.

"Well she was beautiful. Amazingly beautiful. She was smart, kind, a bit sassy.But she was fun to hang out with." I said as I remembered stuff that Deleanor and I did.

"Then why did you leave her." she asked me.

"Well...I was moving her when I was younger. So she had to stay. Your grandpa didn't really like me after that." I said as I looked at her. "I remember tell her that I had to leave and that I wanted her to come with me. She begged her parents if she can come with me. But they both said no. She ran to her room and started to cry. I held her like how I'm holding you now. So that night I took her a pond. We had a picnic there. We talked and she got sad. I held her and then there was some grown up stuff happening that you can't know. When we got back to her house. I told her that I would meet her the next day. When I got home, my maid told me to grab my bags because I was leaving to California. That was the last time I saw her." I said as I took out the picture I have of her in my wallet.

I look down at Faith I see more tears running down her face. I held tighter.

" I didn't know you cared and loved her that much. she cried.

"Well I will never stop loving her. I might have Pepper and love a lot. But what I had with your mother will never be the same with anyone else. If I could see her again. I would tell that I'm sorry. And that I never forgotten about her and what we had." I said as I looked at the picture again.

(A/N: Sorry I had no idea what to write. But here you guys go.)

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