Keeping Secrets *Iron Man/ Avengers Story*

Faith Daniels just found out that her father is Tony Starks. Tony life change when Faith is at his front door. All her friends are kids of the Avengers. But they find out when they all meet. Loki has come back. But this time he going after Faith. She has the power of being Indestructible. What will Faith do?


8. Chapter 8


                      Tony's POV:
   ~2 days later~ 

        I get ready. I texted everyone where to meet including Faith. I really hope this day goes well. I'm glad I told them to wear name tags.And the tags as the names of who is related to who.

                     Faith's POV:
        We all got ready. Well I already know everyone. We all drive to a place called S.H.I.E.L.D. We all walk in. It was big and everyone was in a really awesome uniforms. Tony takes us to a big room what seemed like a place where they car their planes. We wait for a long time. We played around. We finally heard the doors open. We all stopped what we were doing.
"Ladies and Gentlemen I present you your loved ones that you never met." Tony said. 
        They came out of an elevator. They walked to us. Everyone of my friends stand next to their parent. The people that came out of the elevator stand in front of us but a few feet away. Out of no where Lilly gave Banner a hug. Then everyone did the same. Every girl except for Kathy,was crying. I looked around. I see Kathy looking at a lady with the same color as her's. They looked at each other for a while. She finally started to cry.The lady that looks like her hugged her. Everyone was hugging everyone. Tony was standing next to Pepper. I was standing by myself. I looked at my phone. I see mom on the back round. I look at all the pictures I have of her. I sit down. I look at all the picture. I feel someone picking me up. I look up I see a guy that blonde hair and blue eyes. 
"Hello. I'm Steve Rogers. Whats wrong?"he asks.
  "Oh nothing. I'm fine." I say as wipe my eyes. I feel them wet. Have I been crying?
"I know your lying. Come on tell me." he asked. 
  "My mother died. I miss her." I said as looked at the ground. I feel a finger rising my head up. 
"I lost everyone to. I lost my best friend.His name was Bucky. But I know he's with God." He said as he gave me a smile. 
  "Thanks." I said.
"Wait whose child are you?" Steve asked.
   "I'm Tony's daughter." I said as I pointed at him.
"What your Faith?" Banner asked. 
  "Yes. I know its shocking." I said as I hugged Josh from behind. 
"Wait you two are a couple?" Barton asked.
   "What? No. We're just friends. Best friends." I said a little embarrassed.
"It seems like your more than friends." Steve said. 
"No their just friends."Tony said he grabbed my hand and pulling me to him. He puts me behind him. 
        Everyone is shocked of how Tony is acting. They all look at him then me. They look at Pepper. She just shrugs. All my friends seem happy. They are like sticking to their parents. Alex and Kathy told their parents that their going go. They seemed happy about it. Lilly still can't believe that she finally met her father. We all went for dinner. It was quiet at first but of course Tony made it awesome. My phone starts ringing. I walk away from the table. I look at the number, but its an unknown number. I go near the bathrooms. I answer the phone. 
"Hello?" I answered.
 "Hello Faith." a guy said through the phone.
"H-how do you know my name?" I ask as I looked back at the table.
 "That does not matter right now. I just wanted to say is that you really  look happy with your father,friends,and your friends parents."the guy said through the phone.
"W-what?" I said worried.
  "I would watch yourself if I was you darling." he said through the phone.
"Whats your name?" I ask.
  "Loki." Loki said though the phone before he hung up.
"What do you want with me?"I asked.
  "You'll learn in time dear. Just keep in mind what I said."Loki last words before he hung up.
    I look at my phone. There's no number. I tried to call it but no luck. I turn around about to walk back to the table,but everyone is standing right in front of me. 
"What wrong?" Thor asked
  "I got a call from a guy named Loki." I said as I look through my phone.

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