Keeping Secrets *Iron Man/ Avengers Story*

Faith Daniels just found out that her father is Tony Starks. Tony life change when Faith is at his front door. All her friends are kids of the Avengers. But they find out when they all meet. Loki has come back. But this time he going after Faith. She has the power of being Indestructible. What will Faith do?


7. Chapter 7


                            Faith's POV:
I can't believe it. Tony knows who these people are. I want to freak out but if I did then I would be turning red. I smile and hug him and Pepper. I grab my stuff and start running to the hotel. I know its a long run but I need to exercise. I start running through streets. I hear a honk behind me. I turn around I see Tony in his car. I give him a weird look. I walk over to his car. I get in. We drive to the motel silently. I look out the window and hi just stares at the road. I smile when we get close to the parking lot. Right he parks I'm already running towards the room. I see the door open and Matt walking out. I ran to him and jump on him. He wraps his arms around me so I don't fall. I let out a girly scream. I lean back a bit.
"Why are you so happy?" He asked.
"I know who your dad is!" I say.
"What!"He yells. We both start screaming with happiness. The rest comes out giving us weird looks. He puts me on the floor.
"Faith knows who our father is Lilly." Matt says.
"What?" Lilly said as she began to tear up.
"How about ours?" Kathy asks.
I nod. They all smile Lilly and Kathy tear up. The guys are just freaking out. I hear a cough behind me. I turn around I see Tony taking off his shades. I give him a big hug.
"Thank you so much...Dad." I said calmly.
Tony's POV:
I can't those words out of my head. Dad. Dad. It sounds good. I could get use to it. I get back home. I see Pepper giving me a smile.
"Why are you smiling like that?"She asks.
"She called me 'Dad'."I said as I walked to the kitchen.
"What really? I don't believe it Tony." She said as she followed me.
"I need to tell the guys that they have children."I said.
"What can't you wait a day?" She asks. I shake my head. I text everyone to meet me at Santa Beach. I get back my car and drive over there.When I get there I see everyone talking. I just stand there. They start laughing. This is my chance. I start to laugh really loud.
They all stop have their eyes on me. I stop and I clear my voice.
"Why did you tell us to come over her?" Natasha asked.
"Well first. I just wanted to see you guys and I have a kid." I said as I walked around.
"What?"Steven said confusedly.
"I have a kid. Well a teenager."I said as I stand next to Banner.They begin to laugh. I stand thee with a poker face. "Did I not mention you guys also have one. Well 2 of you have twins." I said as I laughed a bit. They stand there with a shocked face.
"How do you know?'Thor said.
"Well my daughter-"
"You have a daughter?" Natasha said.
"Yes. She's a great girl." I said,"Like I was saying. She had a piece of paper of this thing like a magical paper and has your names and the names of the lady/men you had the baby and when the baby is born I guess some write the name on the paper."I said.
"How do you know its magical?"Banner asked.
"I don't I just guessed it is. But someone must have written it."I said,"I know their names. There's my daughter Faith, Alex,Matt,Lilliana,Angelus,Adrian,Josh, and Kathy."I said. I look at Natalie she has sad face mixed with a shocked face.
"Did you just said Kathy?"She said as she walks over to me.
"Yes. She's a beautiful girl and she has red hair like you."I said. She turns around.
"I want to meet her."She said. "Us too." Bruce said as he walked over to me.
"Soon."I said.
"So you just told us we have children and now we can't meet them."Natasha said angry.
"Look I'll call her and see whats up." I said as I backed up a bit. I call Faith.
"Hello?"She said.
"Hey. OK I'm here with your friends other parents."I said as I turn around.
"Really?"She said happily.
"Yea. And they want to know if they can meet your friends."I said. There was a silent moment.
"Of course.When?And they're asking can they bring the parents their living with right now."She said.
"Sure. Why not in two days. They can meet each other in2 days.So your friends parents can fly over here."I said.
"Yea sure. They can't wait. Well I got to go bye...Dad."She said as she hung up. I said bye quietly. I turn around and they're all up on me.
"You'll get to meet them in 2 days. So I'll see you in 2 says. Until then find something nice for your teenager." I said as I walked back to the car. Well its this is going to be interesting.

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