Keeping Secrets *Iron Man/ Avengers Story*

Faith Daniels just found out that her father is Tony Starks. Tony life change when Faith is at his front door. All her friends are kids of the Avengers. But they find out when they all meet. Loki has come back. But this time he going after Faith. She has the power of being Indestructible. What will Faith do?


6. Chapter 6


                                                Tony's POV:
I pull away from the hug. I look down at her. I see her smiling. We'll I want to get to know her but I don't want her to leave but she has to. I would really like to get to know her. I see her looking at LA. I don't understand whats she's staring at. There's just water making waves.
"You know you don't have to live here." I said as crossed my arms.
"I would love to but I have family back home." She says with a sad voice.
"Well your welcomed here any time." I said as I walk back inside.
I look at Pepper she gives my a sorry look. I just nod. I walk over to the kids. Their talking to each other. I look at each kid. They all look familiar. I give them a weird look. I cough. They all look at me. I just look at them. We have a moment of silent. Pepper come over.
"What are you guys talking about." She asks.
"Well you just messed up the moment." I said as I look at her.
"I'll stay her with you." We all hear a voice behind say. I turn around I see Faith standing there with a small smile.
I give her are-you-sure-look. She gives me a smile. She walks over to us and hugs her friends. I look over at Pepper she's has a huge smile on her face. I pull away from the teenage group. She jumps and give me a hug. I hug back.
"I'll finally have a girl in our house. So I finally talk girl stuff with her. It'll be weird but I want to be like her big sister."She says as she give me a kiss on the cheek.
Faith's PROV:
I give all my friends a big hug. I know its for the best for me. I want them to stay but I know they family back home. I'll gram's if its OK. I give them a small smile.
"We don't want to leave." Lilly said with tears in her eyes.
"I don't want to leave you guys but I finally have a family again. Gram's count to but I want to get to know Tony well. And soon very soon I'll be back home." I said,"But since we're here I'll spend all my time with you guys. Lets go to out motel." I said as I put my arms around Mat and Lilly. We all walk to the door.
"Where you going Faith?"Jarvis
"I'm going to the motel with my friends. Tell Tony and Pepper I'll be back. I just want to spend time with my friends." I said as I opened the door. We all walk out.We get into the limo and went back to the motel. I look up at the moon. I feel a hand on mine. I look up and it was Matt's. I give him a weird face. We get to the motel. Everyone changed into their pj's and went to sleep. I stayed up and looked into my wallet. I see an old piece of paper folded up. I take it out and opened it. It was the thing that my gram's showed me. The random's peoples names and my friends names. I put the paper back into my wallet. I'll just ask Gram's or Tony what this means.
~Next Day~
I walk to Tony's house. I told my friend with out telling them. Well because first they were sleeping and second I need to talk to Tony alone. I knock on the door. The door opens. I see Pepper in a robe. She gasp.
"I thought you were-never mind." She says.
I walk in and look around. I walk to the island in this kitchen. I make myself some coffee and a pp&j sandwich. I drink my coffee as I look at the paper.
"Jarvis?" I say as I look around.
"Yes Miss Faith?" He says.
"Lets talk."I say as I put the paper down.
"Alright what do you-Oh good morning Tony."Jarvis says.
"Why a you here early in the morning?" He asked.
"It's 11 in the morning its not that late." I said as I walked in front of him.
"Well that's early for me. So why are you here?" He asked.
"Well I just wanted to ask you something. But I guess I'm not wanted here."I said as I grab my stuff.
"No.No. I want you to stay here."He said as he grabs my stuff."How tell me what you wanted to ask me." He says as he looks at me.
"Well my grandma gave me this-"
"Wait wait. Grandma? Your grandma is still alive?" He asks.
"Yea. I thought I told you." I said as I ate a piece of my sandwich.
"You never told me."He said with a mad voice.
"Well sorry."I said as I finished my piece.
I take the piece of paper out. I smoothin it out. I turn around to see the coffee. I look back I see Pepper holding the paper. I see a surprise look on her face. I look at Tony he looks the same as Pepper.
"What?"I asked them.
"Where did you get this paper?" Tony asks.
"Like I said my grandma gave it to me." I said.
"Well know I know why they looked the same."Tony said. "They also have kids?"Tony says with a surprised voice.
"Does you Friends have parents?"Pepper asked.
"Just 1. The other parent well their not in their lives."I say.
Tony gives me go-away-for-a-moment look. I walk downstairs to the basement. I open the door. I see my name on the door. I walk in. I see cars,wine, and a desk. I walk over to the desk. I see mom's photo in a picture frame. I grab it. I have a lot of memories popping in my head. I remember when Justin Timberlake gave us some tickets to his concert. Mom was so excited. We ended having a awesome night. I feel tears in my eyes. I put the picture back. I want her back. I hear the phone ring. I wipe my tears.
"Hello?" I say
"Faith?!Oh My fuck. Are you OK? Where are you?" Kathy said through the phone.
"I'm OK and I'm at Tony's house. Don't worry.I'm alright." I say as I look around.
"Oh OK. When we all woke up you were gone. We searched the whole place. We even looked in the mall." Kathy said.
"Well I'm fine I'll be back soon.I promise. Now go have fun." I said.
"Alright but call us when you get back OK. Call us for anything." Alex yelled out.
"Will do." I said."Well I got to go bye." I said as I hung up not giving them a chance to say bye.
I turn around I see Tony staring at me. I give him a weird look. He walks over to me and grabs the photo behind me. I see him look at mom's photo. I look around weirdly.
"Your mother was beautiful.I never thought I'll ending up having a baby with her."He says.
"Oh so that's a bad thing?" I ask.
"No. Of course not. Your a mini me."He says as he puts his arm around me shoulder.
"Are you going to tell her about the paper she had with her?"Pepper asked.
"Yes. Well Faith these names on the left are people that I know. And the ones on the right are the names of your friends. And the people on the left are the parents of your friends."Tony said.

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