Keeping Secrets *Iron Man/ Avengers Story*

Faith Daniels just found out that her father is Tony Starks. Tony life change when Faith is at his front door. All her friends are kids of the Avengers. But they find out when they all meet. Loki has come back. But this time he going after Faith. She has the power of being Indestructible. What will Faith do?


3. Chapter 3



                                        Faith's POV:

       I wake up on the floor. I sit up and I see beds and doors. We're in LA already?! I look at the bed I see Kathy and Alex on one. I see another bed which has Lilliana and Angelus. And a bunk bed. I see Adrian on top and Josh on the bottom. And Mat on a folding bed. So everyone has a bed but me? Really? How did this even happen? I stand up. I do my business. I get changed into some shorts and a shirt. I walk out of the bathroom. I walk over the door. I open it and I see the Hollywood sign. I smile, knowing that I made it. I walk out. I look around. I walk toward the office. But from the corner of my eye I see a Micky D's. I walk over to it. I order everyone food. I know if I went back in the room with food for myself everyone would want some so I might as well order them some food. Once I got the food I go back to the motel. I walk to my room. I see everyone going crazy.
"What's going on?" I ask as I put the food a little table. They all look at me and run over to me. Kathy and Alex hug me and the rest gets in the hug.
"Where the hell were you?" Adrian asked.
"I went to get food."I said.
"We thought you left us and went to look for your dad by yourself." Lilliana said.
    I shake my head. They all let go. They Look over at the food. They all look like monsters. I see Josh just sitting down. Thank good I saved little bags of food. I give one to Josh. With his OJ. I walk outside. I eat my two breakfast burritos. I see someone next to me. I see Josh eating his Sausage sandwich. I smile at him. I see that he's dressed up in a nice cloths. I blushed a bit. I look away so he won't see me blush.
"We should check out Hollywood." I say as I drank some of my OJ.
"We should." Kathy said behind me. I look back and I them all dressed up in nice Outfits.
      We all got what we needed. We started to walk around Hollywood. Everyone was having fun but all I cared was meeting my father. I look around and every thing looked awesome. I feel a hand holding mine. I look up and I see Josh holding my hand. It felt weird but, I knew it was just in a friendly way. I see people dressed up as characters. We took many pictures with the characters. We checked out the Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Every thing was freaky. There was one where there was a lady with a very long neck. I couldn't handle it. I hid my face in Josh's arm. Mostly the whole time I was there I hid my face. Alex and Kathy were having fun but most of the time they were just kissing. Matt and Adrian kept laughing at every thing,but nothing was funny. Lily and Angelus were just checking every thing out. We were going to the Mirror Maze. Josh pulled me away from them. We were outside. He called a cab. He let go of my hand. The cab already came. We got inside.
"What are you doing?" I ask.
"We are going to find your dad." He said.
"Where to?" The taxi man asked.
"Tony Stark's house please." Josh said.
On the way over there I more of LA even though we were in a cab. Every thing looked breath taking. I look at Josh he was looking out the window. I leaned and kissed his cheek. I pulled away. He looked at me. I smiled.
"What was that for?" He asks.
"It was a thank you kiss for taking me to him. If we weren't in this cab going over to his house we would be in the Mirror maze." I say as I smiled.
"Oh.Well your welcome."He said.
Tony's POV:

      I get a message from Banner.But I ignore it. I look over at Pepper. She looks relaxed. I wonder if she still wonders about that firing thing she has inside of her. Does it hurt her? Will she turn into that when she gets mad? I look around the house. I see a photo of the Iron Man suit. I stare at it. I feel a body sitting on my lap. I look up and I see Pepper sit on my lap. She smiles and gives me a sweet/passionate kiss. We pull away.
She wraps her arms around my neck.
"Whats wrong Tony. And don't you dare say its nothing."She says as she looks straight in my eyes.
"I'm just tired." I say.
"Well you can a bath. With me."She says as she gets up I hear the water starting.
        I hear my phone beep 5 times. I see messages from everyone. And Thor finally got a phone,and he's living on Earth. What a surprise. I wonder if anyone is teaching him how to text and call people. I see the same message,'Come down here.We need to talk its important.' but Thor's message is just crazy,'aeroihonsgianpoenrepibeov'. He really needs to learn how to text. I put my phone and start walking towards the bathroom,but the doorbell rings. I walk over to it. I open the door I see a teenage couple.
"Hello. OK where do you want me to sign?" I say as I got a pen out of my pocket.
"What? No we don't want a autograph." the teenage guy said.
"Then what do you want?" I ask.
"She's here for you. " The boy said as he pushed her a bit.
"What do you want?" I ask the girl.
"I'm your daughter."She says.

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