Keeping Secrets *Iron Man/ Avengers Story*

Faith Daniels just found out that her father is Tony Starks. Tony life change when Faith is at his front door. All her friends are kids of the Avengers. But they find out when they all meet. Loki has come back. But this time he going after Faith. She has the power of being Indestructible. What will Faith do?


2. Chapter 2


                    Faith's POV:

      It's 3 in the afternoon. The plane I want to get on is at 9 P.M. I'll get there in time. I can't walk in the free way. I guess I have to call Josh to help me. I get out my phone. I call Josh. Its ringing. He answers on the fifth ring.
"Hello?" He say on the other line.
"Hey I need your help with something." I say.
"OK? Whats up?"He asks.
"Well I need a ride." I say.
"Alright. Where are you?" He asks.
"I'm at Carlton and 4th St." I say.
"Alright where are you going?" He asks. Man he asks a lot of questions.
"I need a ride to the airport I'm meeting someone there." I lie.
"Alright? I'll be there in a few." Hey says as he hangs up.
   I take a deep breath in. I let it out. I wait for a bit. I sit on the sidewalk. It's been 10 minutes since I called him. His house is not that far from here. I finally see the van. I stand up. The van stops in front of me. Josh rolls the windows down. I open the back door. I see the girls and the guys. I get in. I see everyone with a backpack.
"So you really think that I fall for your lie?" Josh asks.
Man can't I go alone. "So they're coming to?" I ask.
"Yup." Everyone says.

~15 Minutes Later~

     We finally get to airport. I grab my stuff and walk in the airport. I look for my airplane thing. I get in line with the gang behind me. I buy the tickets for me and the guys. They pay me. I give the lady my money and the guys money. We get our tickets. We go to the boarding plane place.We go through the security thing. We go to the waiting area but we start looking around. I look at the little store. I find a map of California. I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around I see Angelus. I smile.
"So do you know where he lives?"She asks.
"All I know is that he lives in Los Angeles, California." I say with a smile. I walk out of the little store. I take look at other stores. Everything is so nice but it cost a lot of money. We all see Mickey D's. We all go in and buy our food. We all eat and just sit there and eat. After we all ate we start talking for a bit. I check my phone its already 7. Dang times goes fast. We all go to our section that we're suppose to be at. We all just wait. We all just chill for a bit. I see Josh sitting next to me. I started to get a bit tired. I lay my head on his shoulder.
Josh's POV:
       Faith lays her head on my shoulder. I look down at her. She must be really tired. 2 more hours till we leave New York. Then 4 hours and 37 minutes plus extra minutes. SO we'll get there around 1 in morning. So then we need to find a hotel. We're not going to stay in the streets. Man I'm so smart. I already have everything planned out and it only took a few minutes to figure everything out. I look at Kathy. She must look really cozy being next to Alex. I wonder if they're going to sit next to each other the whole way over there? I wonder who I'm sitting next to. I look back down at Faith and she's asleep. I look at everyone else. They're all sleeping. I'm the only one awake. Wow. Well if I fall asleep then I won't be able to tell them when to wake up for the plane. So I should stay awake for everyone. I look at my watch it's 8:15 p.m. So we've been sitting here for 1 hour and 15 minutes. So our plane is going to be here in 1 hour. I get my phone out. I go on Instagram. I take a video of everyone sleeping. I should draw on their faces. But Kathy and Alex will try to get back at me. So nevermind. I look over at Faith and she's awake. She yawns.
"Is the plane here yet?" She asks.
"Nope,not yet." I say as she lift her head up.
Faith's POV:

"I'm nervous. What if he doesn't want to know me? What if he says I was a mistake?" I say as I look around.
"Don't say that he would love to know you. I know. Trust me." Josh says.
    Our flight finally came. By that time everyone was a wake. We sat all the way in the back. I sat next to Alex and Matt. Adrian,Lilliana,and Kathy sat together. And that leaves Angelus and Josh. We took off. Off Los Angeles. I hope he wants to know me.

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