Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


10. What's Gone Is Gone


                                                                                                                                                                Melissa's(Emily's mom) POV:

       I need to get home. I need to see Emily. I hate leaving her alone. I need to tell her that she's having a baby sister or brother. I wonder what she'll say. I bet Austin would want a baby brother, and Emily would love to have a baby sister. I remember when I told Austin that I was having a baby. He was so happy, he didn't care if he was going to have a baby brother or a baby sister. Once I had Emily he promised John that he'll protect her from everything. ( By the way John is Emil's and Austin's real father). I know he'll always protect her. I'm so happy that I'm see him tonight. I'm happy that he's here. Anyway, I need to get home to see Emily. As I speed up I hear my phone bing. I grab my phone. I see its a text from. Emily.
''Hey mum I just wanted to say have a good day at work, can't wait to see you when you get home. I love you mum. Forever and always.'' She texted me. AT 8:36 IN THE MORNING.!!! I need to get a new phone.
''Honey I'll be home in-''

Emily's POV:

      I sit up as I woke up from a bad dream. I look at the clock it says 6:38 P.M. I feel my head its burning up. I lay back down. I hear them door open and close from down stairs. I get out of bed, I run down stairs. I see its Alexander. I go over to him I hug him. I don't know why I'm doing this.
''Dad your home.'' I say with a worried voice.
'' You called me dad.'' Alex said.
I look up at him. Why am I doing this? I hate him. But I need to give him a chance I guess.
''Yea I guess I have to give you a chance.'' I said as I hugged him tighter.
He hugs me back. I smile a bit.
''Hey kiddo. Where's your mum?'' Dad asked.
''I don't know I thought you were her or a robber.'' I said with a worried sound in my voice again.
'' Wow'' He just says.
I let go of him. I look up at him. I smile. Maybe I need to know him better. I sigh.
  ''Hey kiddo, are you sweating?'' He asked as he put his hand on my forehead.
  'Emily!! Your burning up.'' He said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the kitchen. He lets go of my arm and he looks for something. He grabs a small towel a wets it. He walks over to me. He grabs my hand a again. He takes me to the living room. He sits me down on the couch. He grabs my legs and lift them up. He lays them down on the couch. He grabs my head and lays it on a pillow. He put the wet small towel on my forehead. I just let out a big sigh. The phone rings.
''I'll be right back.'' He said as he walked over to the hallway. I just close my eyes. I take a deep breath in and I let it out.
''WAIT WHAT?When did this happen?............... Yes I understand I'll be there in a few minutes. Thank you for telling me.'' I hear Alex say as he talks on the phone. I hear his footsteps coming back into the living room. I see him with teary eyes.
''Kiddo something has hap-'' He tried to say but the phone rang again. He answers it.
''Hello?......... Yes this is him......Oh hello its nice to hear from you again..... Yes, I'll pick you up right now..... bye bye.'' Alex says.
''Who was that?'' I aaked.
''No one. Emily I'll be back in a few hours ok?'' He says.
''Alright.'' I say.
''See you in a while kiddo.'' He says as he walks into the hallway.
So what am I going to do now.
~ The Next Day~

       I wake up in the living room. Why am I here? I must've slept here. I sit up. I stand up I walk over to my room. I pick out some cloths. I change into my batman shirt and shorts and some black vans. I walk back downstairs. I grab the key to the house and I leave. I walk over to Luke's house. I walk on the porch. I walk to the door. I knock on the door. I wait a bit. I look back. I feel lips on my cheek. I smile. I look to see who kissed me. I see Luke smiling. I hug him. He hugs back. I lay my head on his chest.
 ''Hey babe'' He says.
  ''Hi'' I say.
 ''I missed you.'' He says.
  ''I missed you more.'' I say
 I smile. I look up at him.
'' Can we go inside please?'' I ask
''Of course.'' He said as he holds my hand.
He takes me inside. He talks me upstairs. We walk through the hallway. He takes me in empty room. He opens a door, we walk in. I see a balcony. . We walk to it. We sit on it. I look at the neighborhood.
''Wow Babe this a beautiful view.'' I said as I lay my head on his shoulder.
       I feel something over my shoulder. I lift up my head to see what was on my shoulder. I see its a blanket. I smile, I lay my head back down his shoulder. I think of my wonderful boyfriend. I think he read my mind. Hehehehe.
''Do you mind if we join you guys?'' I hear some say behind us.
I look back, I see Kitty and Jai. I smile.
''Yea sure.'' I say.
     I see them sit next to us on our left side. I smile at Kitty. I wonder why Alex hasn't come back home last night. I hear a click behind us. We all turn around and I see Beau with those old camera's. Beau looks at me with a sad face. I frown.
''What's wrong Beau?'' I ask him.
''Nothing.'' He says.
''No Beau tell me. I wanna help with the problem.'' I say as I stand up.
I walk over to him. I grab his arm. I look directly in his eyes.
''Beau tell me..'' I say.
''You can't bring it back.'' He says as he turns around.
''Yes, Yes I can Beau, you can trust me.'' I say I pull his arm.
''Emily let me go.'' Beau says.
''No, Tell me or I'm not going to let you g-'' I was interrupted.
'' Emily?'' Luke says as he interrupted me.
'' What?'' I say as I look at Luke.
''Who is that guy that is in front of your house with a suit case with him.'' Luke asks as he points at the guy.
I look at the guy. He looks like.... AUSTIN!!!!!
'' Just tell her'' I hear Jai say.
I lets go of Beau. I ran to the door. I hear Beau say something but I didn't pay attention. I ran through the hallway, I run down the stairs. I run to the front door. I open it. I begin to run again.
''AUSTIN!!!'' I yell as run to Austin.
''EM'S!!! Austin yells.
I jump into his arms. I hug him so tight. I tear up. Man he grew taller. I feel him spinning me around. I smile and I laugh. He hasn't changed at all. He's stops. I can't wait till he meets Luke. LUKE! He might think wrong. I let go of Austin.
'' Oh Austin I've missed you so much.'' I say as tears fall out of my eyes.
''Aww baby sis don't cry.'' He says as he wipes my tears away.
''Why are you here?'' I ask.
''Well I wanted to visit, but I then I found out about mum.'' He says.
'' What?'' I ask.
I turn over to Luke's house. I see everyone walking out of his house. I see Luke walking over to me and Austin. I look over to Austin. He has a confuse face. I feel an arm around my waits.
''Oh yea Austin, this is Luke my boyfriend.'' I say as I smile.
'' Oh boyfriend.... Well Luke I'm Austin Payne. I'm Emily's older brother.'' He says as he takes his hand out to shake Luke's hand.
''I'm Luke say she said. I'm here boyfriend like she said.'' Luke says as they both shook hands.
''What did you say about mum?'' I ask Austin.
'' Luke may I talk to my sister alone.?'' Austin asks Luke.
''Sure.'' He says as he lets go of me. I frown. I felt so safe in his arms. He walk a few steps back.
''Mum-'' Austin says as he teared up.
''Austin what happen to mum?'' I ask with worried voice.
''She in the hospital.'' He says.
I just stand there with a blank face.
''W-what?'' I ask.
''She was in a bad car crash, she was pregnant...'' He says as he began to cry.
I just stand there. I tear up. I look over to Luke and everyone else. I slowly look back at Austin. I step back. I walk over to the lawn of my house. I begin to run.
'' EMILY!!!'' I hear Luke, Austin, and Kitty yelling my name.
          I run as fast as I can. I don't care what direction I run. I just wanna be alone. My sight is turning blurry. I run in building. I don't even know where I am. I hear people crying. I look up. I'm in the hospital. I walk over to the front desk person.
''I'm here to see Melissa Payne.'' I say.
''Melissa Payne is in room 342 on the 5th floor.'' The front desk lady said.
''Thank you.'' I say as I hug myself.
           I walk to the elevator. I press the button to go up. The two elevator open. I step in. I press the 5th floor button. The elevator starts to go up. 1.......2.......3........4........5. The elevator doors open. I walk in the hallway looking for room.342. I see the door with 342 on it. I walk in. I see my mum with tubes every where on her body. I walk over to her. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around I see that's its the doctor.
''Miss Payne. Your mother has passed away.'' the doctor says.
I just stand there in shock.
''I'll give to you to some time.'' The doctor says as he walk out.
I been to cry. No my mum can't die I was finally going to get a baby sister or brother. I grab her hand.
''No Mum you can't leave me no!! You can't no!!! I love you!! Mum I love you remember Forever and Always.'' I sobbed.
''You can't leave me here alone!! You can't me and Austin alone!! No mum you have to come back to life.!!! Please please mummy came back to me.. your daughter Emily and your son Austin. I love you forever and always.'' I sobbed. I kiss her hand. I look at her. I look at her locket. I take it off. I put it around my neck.
~A Few Hours Later~

        I walk in the house. I turn on the lights. I see balloons, flowers, teddy bears, and candy all over the place. I look over to the kitchen I see Luke standing there with a sad face. I run over to him. I hug him I begin to cry.
''Shhh baby.. Please'' He says as he smoothens my hair.
''She not coming back. Ever.'' I cried.
''I know baby I know.'' He says as he lets go of me.
'' I should head back home I'll be here in morning. Alright?'' He says.
'' No don't leave me alone.'' I say as I hug him tighter.
'' But babe my mum will be mad.'' He says as he smoothens my hair again.
'' I don't care please stay with me.'' I say as I look up at him.
    He sighs. I think that's a yes. I take him to my room. I take off my shoes and my jacket. I also take everything out of my pockets. I lay in bed. I look over at Luke who is taking off his shoes. I he gets on the bed. I move over to him. I cuddle into him. I feel two arms around me. I feel so safe in his arms.
~An Hour Later~
I feel Luke's arms moving away.
''Stay with me tonight.'' I mumbled on his chest.
''I'll get in trouble with your dad and your brother to.'' He says.
''They're in the hospital and I'm alone here. Please stay with me tonight?'' I ask again.
''Alright but I'll sleep on the floor.'' He says.
''No. Please I want to feel safe.'' I say.
'' You are safe.'' He says.
''But I feel safe in your arms.'' I say.
He sits up. I frown. I get under the covers. I turn the other way. I feel my bed going down and the covers lifting up. I stay quiet. I feel to arms around me. I turn around to face him. I cuddle into him again.
''Thank you. Now I'm safe.'' I mumble on his chest.
''You'll always be safe with me My Princess.'' He whispers.
'' I love you'' I whisper.
''Me too.'' He whispers.
I fall asleep by listening to his heart beat.

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