Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


18. The News


                      Emily's POV:
        I fake smile. We both hug. I smile at the lady across from us. She lets me go. She tells me that she wants me and Kitty to be her brides maid. I agreed. I know that Kitty would love to be her brides maids. I look at my phone it was  6 in the after noon. I walk to my room and changed into the cloths with was wearing on Christmas morning. I went to the kitchen. I grabbed a cup of coffee. I sent a text to Kitty.
"Kitty come to my house. Its an emergency." I texted (A/N: I don't even know if texted is even a word. But its a new word.) 
        I waited for 5 minutes. I heard heels running up the stairs. I heard my door slammed open. She ran to me. 
"I got your text. What?What happen?" she said out of breath.
 "The wedding is in a month." I said as I played with my fingers.
"WHAT! YAYy... oh no." She exclaimed.
 "Yea." I muttered under my breath."Also she wants us to be her maids." 
"Yay. I mean. Boo?" she said confusedly.
          I sat on my bed. I rubbed my face with my hands. Trying not to cry. I know it'll hurt me.
" I don't have to walk around the house watching my mother-in-law kiss my step dad. And Luke and I walking around like we don't have feelings for each other. I can't do that." I said as I look at the picture of me and Luke on my phone. 
 "Its life." Kitty said.
"I just don't want to be in that life" I told her.
 "We'll always be here for you." Kitty hugged me.
                        ~Next Day~
        I walk down stairs. Still in the same cloths. Kitty slept over. I text the guys to meet us in 2 hours. I made and ate pancakes. I sat on the couch. I saw the folder of the lady. I open it. I see pictures of places,flowers,and dresses. I turn the page I see more pictures. Pictures mostly everything you need to make a wedding. I turn to the last page. I see a picture of her kids and me. I smile a bit. I heard steps behind me. I look back  I see Kitty. 
 "You shouldn't be looking through stuff that's not yours."she mumbled.
"Well I was just wondering what was in it." I mumbled."The guys are coming." I yawned.
 "Okay. I smell pancakes." she said as she walked to the kitchen.
"I made some help yourself." I yawned again.
        I heard a knock on the door. I open it I see all the guys walk in. Luke walks to me. He hugs me. I hug back. I look at Jai and Kitty. They seem happy. I let go of Luke. I walked back to the couch. Beau sat next to me. Only 2 people could have fit on it. Luke sat across from me and sat with Jai, Kitty. I knew that its the right thing to do. I was about to say something. When the door opened. Gina and Dad came in.
"Okay your all here. We have some news for you guys." dad said.
 "We decided that we're getting married in a month." She said with a big smile.
        We all smiled. I smiled at the floor. I looked up.
"I can't wait till she's my sister." Beau smiled at me.
 "Can't wait." I muttered through my teeth.
"Kat. Emily. We need to go get you girls measured for your dresses. So get ready." she told us. We nod our heads.
        We ran upstairs to my room. We both changed into some cloths. We ran downstairs. I give Luke a small smile. I walked outside. We got in the car. We drove to a small bridal shop. Kitty and I got measured. They finished. It was Gina's turn. They took us to a room with wedding dresses. She tried many dresses. She finally came out with a mermaid dress. And she looked so beautiful. I smiled at her. 
"That is the one." I said. I looked at Kitty she was tearing up. 
 "That is the one." Kitty said.
"I'm taking this one." She said with a big smile.
        The lady that worked there nod her head. Gina went back took off her dress. We all went to get food. We talked for a bit. I looked at her she seemed so happy. We talked for a bit. We went to other stores to get stuff for the wedding. Its in 31 days so we have a lot to do. We bough the stuff to the car. We went home. We found the guys playing around with my dad. It seems like their having a great time. We gave them their food even though it was kinda cold. We all played with each other. We had a great time. But the fun will soon end when I tell them that I'm leaving after their wedding.


(A/N:I had time to write another chapter today. so yea :D )

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