Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


17. The Date


                        Luke's POV:

        I looked for a fancy restaurant. I wanted to take Emily on a date with Jai and Kat. So it wouldn't be awkward with me and Emily. Since this might be our only time to go on a fancy date before our parents get married,having dinner as a family,calling her my sister, and dating other people. I look online for any fancy restaurants. I finally found one. Royal Mail Hotel. Its a bit to fancy but it might my only chance. I shut down my laptop and walked downstairs. I call the restaurant to make reservations. I hang up and tell Jai about the plan. We both agree that tonight we were going to do it. I sent text the girls about the date and to dress up very nicely. Beau came in with James and Skip.
"We're making a music video." they all yelled out. 
 "A music video?" Jai asked.
"Yes. It time to do something different." Skip said as he got his phone.
 "What is the song called?" I asked.
"Well we still don't know but right now we should focus about the lyrics." Skip
 "If you guys are writing the lyrics today then Jai and I can't help." I said as I walked to the kitchen.
"And why is that?" James asked
 "We have a date with our girlfriends." Jai said. "In...?"
"5 hours." I completed his sentence. 
 "Well we'll help you out with your outfit." Beau said. 
        He pulled me out of the kitchen and into my bedroom.
                        Emil'y POV:
        I looked at the text. I saw Kitty looking in my closet. I walked next to her.
"What are you looking for?" I asked.
 "Luke sent a text saying to get ready in a nice fancy dress." Kitty said as looked for a dress. 
"Hmm..." I said as I looked at the closet.
 "You don't have any nice dresses." she said as she looked back at me.
"Follow me." I said as I walked to mum's room.
        We both walked into my parents rooms. Dad must be out on a date with Gina. We both stood in front of my moms closet. I promised myself that I'll never go in there. But I guess I need to let go of the pass. I opened the closet door. I see all the dresses that she bought. I found 2 dresses that might fit us. I got them and closed the closet doors. I walked back in my room. I took and shower and she took one after me. We both in our outfits. We both looked at each other. We smiled. I took off my mum's locket.
        We both walked to the end of the block were Luke told us to meet. I saw the guys leaning on the car. They looked very handsome. I looked down. Next thing you know I trip. I look at the floor. I hear feet running towards me. Voices asking me if I was okay. I start laughing. Man this is the most amazing thing that has happen since everything that has been falling apart. A hand helped me up. I brushed my knees. I fixed myself. 
"Are you alright?" Jai asked.
 "Yes.I think so." I said.
"You could've died." Luke said.
 "Well my knees hurt but I'll live." I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the car. Luke we got inside. I saw an extra person in the car. 
"That's Bob our driver for tonight." Jai said as he closed the door. 
 "Hi Bob!" Kitty and I yelled out. 
   "Hello ladies." Bob said as he started to drive.
        We joke around in the car. Luke and I held hands. Jai and Kitty played around. We all began to talk about the random things. I felt the car not moving. I moved to the little window that was next to Bob. I moved the glass thing.
"Bob why aren't we moving?" I whispered.
 "Sorry miss but we're stuck in traffic." Bob said like he just disappointed me. 
"No its okay." I said with a smile on my face. 
        I put the glass thing back in its place. I moved back to my seat next to Luke. He asked me what was going on. I told him. He looked a bit mad. I rested my forehead on his. 
"What time do we have to be there?" I asked.
 "In 30 minutes." he said as he looked at his watch.
"Okay." I turned to Bob. I remove the thing. " Bob wheres the exit that we need to get out to be there?" I asked.
 "That one." He said as he pointed to the exit. I nodded.
        I got my phone and took off my shoes. I looked at my phone. I moved close to the door. I took a deep breath. I opened the door I held on to my shoes and phone. I got out. Luke yelling my name to get inside of the car. 
"Luke you made this reservation and we're going to be there." I said as I got my legs ready. I smiled down at Kitty. She took off her shoes and got out the car. 
"Babe,Luke you guys coming?" Kitty asked them. They nod.
  "Bob we'll see you there." I said as I began to run. 
        I ran towards the exit its far but we'll make it. I felt the wind in my face,cars honking, people yelling at us to get off the free way.I smiled. I felt free. Free from all the bad things that has happened in my life. Free from everything. I saw the sign that said Exit. I ran faster. I looked back. I see Kitty had a big smile on her face. Jai was sliding on the car's hood like in movies. Luke was just enjoying life. We finally came to a stop light. I waited for the guys. Luke, Jai, and Kitty were all tired. 
"How many minutes do we have?" I asked.
 "10." he said out of breath. 
        I turned around. I saw a liquor store close by. I ran to it. I grabbed 4 water bottles. I paid and went back to them. I gave it to them. They finished it less then 1 minute. I told that we should get running again so we can make it. They agreed. We began to run again. While we ran Luke told us which way we should go. I finally saw the restaurant. I ran a bit faster. I stopped at the corner. I dust off my feet and put my shoes on. I waited for Kitty. They looked tired. We all fixed ourselves. We walked to the Royal Mail Hotel. Luke went to talk with the lady. She shook her head. Luke came back with a sad face. 
"What happen?" I asked.
 "We came late." He said.
"But we only have 2 minutes until we're late."Jai said.
 "Well they don't think that." Luke said.
        I could feel my body boiling with anger. I walked passed Luke. I walked through the crowd. I finally came to the front desk.
"Who the hell do you think you are? I'm on time with my date. In about 1 minute we're late. So I suggest you give us our table." I yelled at her.
 "Well we don't have any more tables." she said as she typed something.
"You little-"
        I was pulled outside. I tried to fight it. They threw me out. Thankfully I didn't fall on my knees. Luke came and helped me up. He walked behind the big men that threw me out. I ran in front of him. I pulled his face down to look at mine. His eyes finally landed on mine. We saw an In 'N' Out Burger. We went and ate some. Bob came in. 
"BOB!" We all yelled out. 
He jumped. He came to us and ate with us. We all finished and went home. Luke walked me to my house. I looked back. I leaned in. My forehead on his. 
"I should go inside now." I whispered. 
 "Okay." he said.
        I kissed his cheek. I walked inside. I see Gina talking to a lady. 
"Hi." I said. 
 "Hello darling." Gina said. "Could we talk?" she asked.
"Yea." I said as I walked to her and sat next to her.
 "Whats up?" I asked.
"Well I wanted you to know first before my sons."She said as she looked at her ring.
 "What is it?" I asked.
"Your father and I decided that we're having the wedding in a month." She said with a smile.

(A/N: Hello darlings there you go a new chapter. sorry for any spelling errors.)

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