Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


6. Six Flags



                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Emily POV:

Im finallly sleeping peacefully. No parents wake me up,no friends texting me right now,no nothing.

 '' EMILY WAKE UP!!!!!"someone yelled
REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!I am trying to sleep. -.-
  ''NO GO AWAY!!!!'I yell as I cuddle up into my blanket.
 "EMILY WAKE UP OR WE'LL KIDNAP YOU" that person yells again.
  "shhhhh" I say
     I hear nothing.Finally he/she left. I cuddle into my blanket some more. I hear a noise coming from my balcony. I wanna go check it out but Im to lazy to. Im to lazy to do anything today. I still wonder about Luke. I should just take a deep breath. Ill just talk to him later.
 '' WAKE UP EMILY!!!!'' someone yells in my ear
  ''AHHHHHHHH'' I scream as I fall off of my bed. I cover my ears.
          I look up and I see they guys laughing at me. I begin to blush. I feel like a freakin' hot tomato. I move my hands. I stand up. I go back on my bed and cuddle back into my blanket. I bring my blanket up to my face, I cover my face so they don't see me blushing. I don't like people seeing me blush, I feel weird.
 ''Emily wake up or else we wont take you with us.''Beau said
  ''Where are we going?" I ask
 ''Somewhere. Now if you wanna go get dressed'' Beau says as he pulls the blankets off of my cold body.
  ''Fine get out and let me change" I say as I walk to my closet.
          They all walk out of my room. I close the door and I also close the balcony doors. I look through my closet. I pick out some cloths. I lay them down on my bed. I start changing into shorts and a 1D shirt. I run downstairs. I go into the kitchen. I grab an apple and a water bottle. I walk over to the living room. I sit on a chair. I look at the guys. Their so quiet. I think they're planing something. I wonder.......
 ''SO Jai is Kat going to come with us? Because she need to come I don't wanna be the only girl there.''I say
  '' I could ask her if she wants to come.''Jai says
 "Oh OK thanks'' I say with a big smile.

~15 minutes later~

      Its so quiet. I have to break the silence. But what should I say??????? Should I talk bout music or movies. Talking to boys is so hard. I really hope that Kat gets to come. I really want to get to know her. I just want a lady friend. They only lady here is............. no one.Wow what kind of person am I -.- . I only have guy friends here. I hear a knock at the door. I jump up and fall on the floor. I see Jai heading for the door. I stand up and run to him.
 ''JAI WATCH OUT''Luke yells.
    I jump on him. I drop him on the floor. I stand up up. He looks up at me with a confuse face.
 " What Emily is like a puma and I wanted to open the door'' I say
  ''Hi gu- Jai!!!!" Kat runs to Jai. "What happen?Why is he on the floor???Who did this to him???"she asks
  '' I did it. Sorry I just wanted to open the door that's all. Hehehehehe" I begin to chuckle.
 " So are we going to go leave yet?''Jai says as he stands up.
  ''Lets go!!!!!" I say as I walk outside,then run to the van.

~1 Hour later~

      We were driving for a very long. We all started to sing Justin Bieber and One Direction songs at first.Then we just talked.Then we became quiet. I lay head on Luke's shoulder. I close my eyes for like 5 minutes.And all I hear is cars passing by. This is so peaceful. No people talking. Just cars passing by and Beau and James talking. I wonder if I'll have any time to talk to him alone.
  ''We're here!!" I hear Skip yell. I open my eyes. I lift up my head up to face the window. I see cars all over. Beau parks the car.He gets out and opens the door for me. I smile and I get out of the car. I walk over to the pole close to the van. I wait for everyone to get out. I see Luke getting out of the car.
 ''Hey Luke I'm sorry that I laid my head on your shoulder.''I say
   ''Its OK I don't really mind''He says
 '' Come on guys if we don't go now then we'll have to wait in line for a long time.'' Kat says
        We all start running to the entrance of Six Flags. Jai gave Kat a piggy back ride as we were running. People kept bumping into me. Ugh. I slowed down a bit, as I waited for the rest to come. I see them running to me, like monkeys. I begin to laugh.
 ''So who's paying?" I asked
   ''No one is we are sneaking in''James says
 ''Really no one has money??" I ask
  ''Nope'' Everyone says.
 ''Well then.Show me the way to the secret passage way to Narnia''I say
       They walk to the restrooms area. Skip walks over to the water fountain.He looks back at the rest of the group.He goes behind the water fountain and he disappears. I go next. I do the same thing as Skip.I go behind the water fountain. I see a hole on the wall.I crawl through the wall.I exit the hole. I look up and I see Skip.He helps me up. We both wait for the rest of the guys. As waited for the guys we talked. I feel a tap on my shoulder.I turn around and I see Luke. I smile. I look behind him,I see the rest of the guys.
 ''Well lets go have fun.'' I yell.
      We all ran to the Superman Ride. We were lucky that there was no line yet. Me and Luke sat together,Kat and Jai,James and Skip, and Beau went by himself. I hold on Luke's hand. And the ride started. After that we went on Medusa,Kong,Tony Hawk the Ride,Grrr,The Green Lantern,Batman The Ride,Gold Rusher,Sky Tower.

~3 Hours later~

    I really need to talk to Luke. I walk over to him.
 '' Hey,Can we talk?''I ask
  ''Sure'' He says
     We walk over to the soda machine. He leans on the soda machine.
 '' Look why did you seem hurt when me and Beau kissed?'' I ask him
  '' What?'' he asks
 ''Luke you know what I'm asking.'' I say
  '' I-I-------"

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