Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


7. Lovey Dovey



Luke's POV:

 ''Luke you know what I'm asking'' Emily says
  ''I-I.........'' I try to say something
       How can she be asking me this. I don't know what to say, I cant just tell that I like her. She might make fun of me. And she might not even like me.She might even like Beau or James or maybe Skip.But not me. I really think she likes Beau. I bet she felt fireworks when she kissed him,he might have felt that to. I should just tell her, NO am I stupid. I can't. It might ruined our friendship. Ugh what am I talking about. If I tell her, it will be really weird between us.
 ''Luke answer my question'' she says
  OK here I go.
 ''Emily, I-I-I like you'' I say
  ''Luke I like you to'' she says with a big smile
 ''No, Emily I mean I like you more then a friend''I say as I look at the floor
  ''Ohh...''is the only thing she says
 ''Yea well this is weird Ill go back with the rest of the guys'' I say as I walk away.
  '' Luke wait'' She says
   I turn around.
 ''Yea?''I say
  ''Can you do something for me please?''she asks
 ''Sure''I say
  ''Can you wait for me I wanna buy some candy''she says
 ''OK''I say
     She smiles. She walks over to a candy cart. I see her buying M&M's,Kit Kat, Crunch, Lolly Pops, and Hersey's. She walks back to me. She has a big smile on her face. I wish I can make her smile like that. She stops in front of me.
 ''Why do you like me?" she askes
  ''Because you have everything that I want in a girl.'' I say as I begin to walk back to the guys.
 ''And what do you want in a girl?''She asks
  ''I want a girl who, sweet,funny,both active and lazy, has a nice smile, and has some pretty eyes.''I say
 ''I do not have pretty eyes.'' she says as she giggles
  ''Yes, you do. They sparkle in the sun light'' I say as I poke her arm.
    She begins to smile. Finally!!!! I finally got her to smile.
 ''Since when have you liked me?''She asks
  ''Well when we bumped into each other,I thought you were pretty. Then we did the  DareSundays video, that day I started to have feelings for you.'' I say
 ''Oh.'' she says
  ''Yea'' I say

Emily's POV:

    I don't know if I should tell him. I'm to scared.But now I know that he likes me,so that's a good thing. I'm glad that he told me that he likes me.Maybe I should tell him to.
 ''Luke'' I say as I stopped in front of him
  ''Yea???" he says in
 ''ummm'' I say
    I just lean in. I feel his lips on mine. Their soft like really soft. I can stay like this forever. I love this feeling.

Luke's POV:

        I feel her lips on mine. Is this a dream. I never thought that this could ever happen even. Her lips are so soft and they taste like Strawberry and Kiwi mixed together. I put my hands on her waist. I pull her closer to me. I feel her hands on my neck. I feel her lips smiling. I pull away. I look down at her. I smile at her. She blushing,I finally got her to have a big smile on her face. I look into her eyes.
 ''So does this mean you guys are together?''a girl asked
    I turn my head I see the guys and Kat looking at us. I see Beau and Jai giving me two thumbs up. I look over at Kat. She is jumping up and down.
 ''I knew it. They're meant for each other.'' Kat says
  '' Shut up Kitty'' Emily says
 '' Im just saying''Kat says
 '' Well I guess we should leave now'' Skip said
  '' Yea but Luke Emily answer my question. Are you two together?'' Kat asks
    I look down at Emily. She looks up at me.
 ''Yes.'' Emily says.
     All the guys give me a thumps up. Kat is jumping up and down again. But she is yelling ''YES YES!!!'' Every time she jumps up and down.

Emily's Pov:

      We all wake over to the exit. Me and and Luke are holding hands. Jai and Kitty are doing the same. Beau and James and Skip are joking
around. I'm happy that I have a boyfriend who gets to protect me from everything. I hope my parents accept him. We exit Six Flags. We walk
over to the van. I lay my head on Luke shoulder.
 '' You tired?''he asks me
  ''Yea a bit'' I say as I yawn
 '' Well I had a great time today.'' I say as I watch the Sun sets.
  ''Me too. I never thought that this place could be so romantic.''he says

~ 1 hour later~

     We finally get home. I get out of the car. I start walking to my house. I feel two arms wrapped around my waist. I smile. I stop. I turn around.
'' Hey, Kitty '' I say
''Yea '' Kat says
''Do wanna stay over at my place?''I ask
''Sure'' She says. She kisses Jai. She pulls away. She runs over to me and Luke.
       We all 3 walk over to the front door of my house. We walk on the Patio. I take out my keys and I unlock the door. Kat enters. I turn around and face Luke.
 ''I'll see you tomorrow.'' I say
  ''I can't wait'' he says
         I lean in and kiss him. I pull away. I walk inside of my house. I turn around I blow him a kiss. I see him smile. I close the door. I lead Kat to my room. I give a pair of cloths to change. She changes into pink pj's I change into blue pj's.I play 'Give Me Love' by Ed Sheeran. I lay out a air bed for Kat. I give her some blankets and two pillows.
 ''Good night Kitty'' I say
  '' Good night Memmly''she says
I close my eyes.
 ''GOOD NIGHT BABY CAKES''a person yells.
I open my eyes. I get out of be so does Kitty. We walk over to the balcony. I open the doors. We walk on it. We look down. I see Jai and Luke.
  '' Good night Baby Cakes.'' Jai says to Kat
 ''Good night Baby''She says to Jai
  '' Good night Em-'' he tried to say
 ''Bro you need to say some thing cute''Jai says to Luke
  ''Good night Babe'' Luke says as he smiles
 ''Good night Boo'' I say Luke
   We all smile.Me and Kat walk back inside. I close the balcony doors. We both get in to bed.Kat looks warm on the air bad. I cuddle into the
''Goodnight boo'' I say before I go to sleep.

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