Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


12. Girls Day Out



                                                                                                                                                     Emily's POV:

          I wake up in Luke's arms. I look at him. I see his calm face. Awww how cute. He looks like a little boy. I wiggle out of his arms. I get out of the bed. I head downstairs. I go to the living room. I walk over to a shelf. I look at the wedding picture of my mum and my dad. .They looked so happy. Why did he have to die. Why did they both have to die, well now at least I have Alexander and Austin. They're family and my only family. Well other than Beau, Luke, Jai, James, Skip, and Kat. They're also family. I grab the photo of mum and dad. I sit on the couch. I look at the picture. I want them to come back to life. I feel the tears forming in my eyes. I sniffle. I put my hand on the locket. I know that I'll be protected by my parents. I look around the house. I can't I'll never taste my mum pancakes anymore. She did the best pancakes ever. Now that everything that everything that I cared about the most is gone, I can't do anything to bring them back. I feel a tear drop sliding down my cheek.
  ''Why did you both have to go and leave me and Austin alone. This isn't fair.'' I cried.
    ''I'll never ever see the smile that you use to give me mum. Losing you and dad is a horrible feeling. I can't imagine Austin leaving me to, that'll be to painful. I just want both of you back here, I want to here daddy say 'Hey princess turn that frown upside down and lets see the beautiful smile that lights up this world' that's all I want to hear.'' I cried a little bit more.
I hear footsteps on the staircase. I put the photo back in its place. I look at the happy couple again. I mouth 'I Love You'. I turn around I see Luke standing a few feet away from me. I give him a small smile.
  ''I know that she left but lets do something today.'' Luke says.
 ''Yea sure just let me go change.'' I say as I run upstairs to my room.
         I go over to my closet. I look for something to wear. Hmmm maybe this and those shoes and light make up. I change into some cloths. I look at my self in my life size mirror. I take a deep breath in then I let it out. I walk downstairs. I don't see Luke. I walk over to the door. I see Luke walk to his house. I see Kat walking out of his house. She look pretty today. She changed into something beauitful. I walk out. I walk voer to her. I give her a big hug. I just wanted to cry. Man now im like one of those movies where people cry all the time. I try my hardest not to cry but I failed. Tears were already rolling down my cheeks.
 ''Please don't cry Emi I'm sorry that she left you but please no crying. Your goning make me cry. And i hate crying because my make up will get ugly and because it makes my head hurt alot.'' Kitty says.
 ''OK I'll try not to cry any more but I can't help it. I lose the thing I loved most.'' I cried.
  ''You can be a strong girl I'll be here for you all the time.'' Kitty said as she pulled away from the hug. I see her crying.
''I'm sorry i made you cry.'' I said
''No its OK. Really but hows my make up?'' She asked as we both giggled.
''Thank you for being there for me.'' I said.
''No problem. Now lets leave the guys let it be Girl's Day Out'' Kitty said.
''Sure but I think we'll have to leave right now if you don't want the guys to be following us.'' I say.
''Well lets go.'' I said
         We both began to run. We didn't care what way we went, we just kept running. We stop to take a breath break. I take out my phone I see that I have 15 missed calls and 12 messages. Wow I didn't know that I can have 15 missed calls and 12 messages after running for like 10 minutes. I look at Kitty. She catching her breath. I look at her shoes. Now I know why she was running really slow. I hope we don't worry the boys. Wait I think that already happened.
''You got missed calls and messages?'' Kitty asks.
''Yup, but lets have fun today.'' I say.
''Where should we go first?'' She asks.
''SHOPPING!!!!'' I yell.
''Yay!!!!'' She yells.
We start running again. We go over a thrift shop. We look at some stuff. We grab some cloths and stuff. We go over to the changing rooms.
''Hey lets play around with the guys. Lets send them hints. Like a scavenger hunt.'' I say.
''Yea tha'll be fun. Oh and dress like some weirdos.''Kitty says.
I just laugh. I grab a shirt and some shorts and I get colorful things to look like some wierdos. I walk out and I wait for Kitty.
''Tada'' Kitty says as she walks out.
We both laugh. We dress into something colorful. I take out my phone. Kitty and I pose for the picture. We take the picture. I send it to Luke and Jai.
* Try to look for a place where the sell used up stuff.* I send the hint right after the picture was sent.
Me and Kitty went to change back into our regular cloths. We walk out of the shop. We walk over to a Richer store. We walk in and we grab a dress and shoes we walk over to the changing rooms. I change into the dress and I put on the shoes. I walk out I see a crown. I put it on. Kitty walks out. We're both changed into expensive dresses. I grab a crown for her. I put it on her. We pose for a picture. I look at my phone i see a text from Luke.
*So a game I see. Well we will find you. Whats the next hint.*
I send him the pic. *A place where you can feel like a princess.* We change into our cloths them we walk over to back to the house. On the way other. I look back I see a car. We walk 3 more block and the car is still behind us.
''Kitty I think we're being followed.'' I whisper to her.
I call Luke. He asnwers on the third ring.
''Babe we're heading home ok'' I say.
''Sure we'll see you there''Luke says.
''Bye'' I say I hang up befire he can say something.
''Kitty lets run home.'' I say.
We began to run. I look back I see the car going faster. We run a little bit faster.
''Wait wait my shoes are hurting my feet.'' Kitty says. We stop so she can take off her shoes.
        We begin to run again. I see my house. I run a bit faster. I grab Kitty's hand I pull her. I look back. I feel a hand on my arm. I scream as loud as I can. I turn around to see the person who is holding me. I see its an young looking guy.
''Let go of me.''I yell. I let go of Kitty I pounch the guy in his balls. I grab Kitty arm again. I look back and I see the car stopping and the guy falling on the ground. I turn back around. I see my house. I run to it. I open the door. I pull KItty in. I lock all the doors. I grab the bat that dad has in his room. Me and Kitty stay quiet. We sit on the couch.
''Well that was the great Girls Day Out'' Kitty says.
''Yea. When I punched the guy in the balls and when we ran home I felt like I was in an action movie.'' I said as i giggled.
    There was a knock the door. I quietly walked over to it. I looked through the window to see who it was. I see its Luke and Jai. I open the door. I pulled them both in. I locked the door behind them. I run over to Luke. I hugged him from behind.
''I'm so glad to see you.'' I whispered.
He turns around. He hugs me tight.
''Hey your shivering. What happened?'' He asks.
''We were being followed.' Kitty says.
''What?!'' Jai and Luke says at the same time.
'' But we're safe now.'' I say.
We all sit on the couch. Me and Kitty tell them everything we did today. I feel safe in Luke's arms. He kisses my temple. Mum and Dad protected us.

( I was watching Mission Impossible so I thought it could use a little action lol I even though theres no action in here hehehe )

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