Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


8. Getting Ready


                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Luke's POV:

         Man, I finally found the girl I was looking for. It took a long time just to find the perfect girl. Well she might not seem perfect to other people but shes perfect for me.Now the only person who needs a girl is Beau. He hasn't had one in months. I think I should hook him up. I think the person who can help me out with that.
 ''Hey, Luke.''Jai says
  ''Hey.So what are we gonna do?''I ask
 '' I was thinking to take the girls out, you know like a double date.''He says
  ''Yea that would be awesome.''I say
 ''But we don't have money and I don't want the girls to pay for us. We can ask Beau to give us money'He says
  ''But you already know him he'll say 'no Shit, You guys should get money on your own' ''I say
 ''Well lets ask mum''He says
 ''Alright but she'll give us like-- Wait I just remembered something.I've been saving up money for those One Direction tickets, but I waist them on my lady and your lady to.But you'll have to pay me back''I say
''I promise''He says
''Now lets look for a place Romantic.''I say

Emily's POV:

''Mmmmm'' I mumble
'' Good morning Memmly''Kat says
''Morning, So whats up?''I ask
''Well Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up!!''She says happily
''You sound happy.''I say as I get out of bed
''I am happy because I've been dreaming about this for a long time and it finally happened!!!''She yells
''Wow.... You know you'll never have a chance with him because first of all he don't know you second of all you have a wonderful boyfriend named Jai Domenic Brooks.''I say
''Wow you're such a dream crusher.''She says
''Well its the truth. I never thought that I would have Luke as my boyfriend,I always thought it'll be Liam James Payne or Hunter Hayes''I say
''Well you may never know maybe in the future you'll be marrying Hunter or Liam''She says as she walks over to the closet.
''Mrs.Bieber,that will never happen,you know why because I'm perfectly fine with my one only true love My Pillow. he just loves when I lay my head on his feathers.''I say as I began to laugh
''Well then lets go over to your other to the guys house and see what we are going to do today.''She says
''Alright''I say as I walked over to my closet
I open my closet and look for something that Kitty could wear.She needs to look nice for her boo. I wonder if Jai will like how she's dressed?What am I talking about he would love what she is gonna wear. Yes. I think she will love to wear this.
''Hey Kitty here.I think Jai would love this.''I say as I walk over to her.
''Oh My Godsh.... That is so cute.''She says as she take them out of my hands.
'' Your welcome.''I say.
''I wanna choose what your gonna wear.''She says
''Fine''I say with regret.
''Yay!!!But first I need to change'' She says as she walks to the bathroom.
''Alright''I say
I walk downstairs. Man I'm hungry. I want some Pancakes,with blueberries.I also want milk,toast, and strawberries.We might as well go to Denny's. I hope Kitty doesn't pick something to girly.

Kat's POV:

        This is a cute outfit She knows me so well, even though I just met her. hehehehe I wonder if she would like what I'm gonna pick out for her. Hmmmm, lets see. What she has in her closet. Maybe she can let me do her makeup. Nahhhh. Well,lets seeeeeeee. Oh My Godsh. She has alot of cloths. She so rich. Maybe I could, No. Lets see. Hmmm. Maybe this with this, and those shoe match with her look. I'm to lazy go downstairs to call her, I could text her.
'' Hey you cloths are ready'' I text her. I walk over to her closet to get more things for her outfit.
''Alright I'm coming up stairs.'' She replied.
'' Otay'' I Text back.
I put the rest of things with the cloths. I hear footstep walking towards my direction. I sit on her bed. I look over to the door, I see her walking in. I stand up, I walk over to her. I hand her the cloths, and the shoes.
''Here now go get ready you need to look pretty for your boyfriend.'' I say with a big smile on my face.
''Alright.'' She says as she walks over to her bathroom, she closes the door. I sit on her bed again. I look around her room. Awww her baby pictures. I walk over to the desk. I pick up the picture. She look so cute. I hear a door open. Emily is changed into some nice clean cloths.
''Well you look nice now come on lets go I wanna see Jai'' I say.
''Alright lets go.'' She says.
We walk out of her room. We walk downstairs. She grabs her phone and her IPod that was on the counter close to the closet. She opens the door. We walk out. She closes the door. We walk over to Jai's house.

Emily's POV:

           We step on the porch. As we walk over to the door, Gina comes out running to her car. Kitty and I jump. I look over to the door, then I look at Kitty. I take out my phone and text her.
''Hey lets sneak in and scare the guys.'' I texted her
''Alright but we have a problem.'' She replies.
''And what is that?'' I reply to her text.
''My shoes.'' She texted.
''Fine we'll crawl in there.'' I replied
             We get on our knees and we crawl in. I look up I see Beau on his phone. I look back at Kitty, she has a big smile on her face. I crawl over to the couch that is close to Beau. I look back to Kitty she's crawling over to my right side. I giggle a bit. I look over the couch. I see Beau so focused on his phone I lower my head back into its place. I giggle more.
''So who are we spying on?'' I hear someone whisper in my left ear. I scream, then Kitty screamed, then I hear Beau screaming. I turn around I see Luke and Jai laughing. I put my hand over my heart. I look over to kitty, she is blushing. I'm breathing heavily. I push myself up with my elbows. I take a deep breath in, then I let it out. I see a hand in my face, I look up and I see Luke smiling. I take his hand, he pulls me up.
''Thanks'' I say
''No problem, anything for you.'' He says as he leans in.
          I also lean in. I feel his lips on mine. He pulls me closer, I wrap my arms around his neck, he wraps his arms around my waist. I smile in the kiss. My hands messes with his hair. I love this feeling even though we kissed like 3 times. But it doesn't matter, I just his lips. I bet he also misses my kisses. I can't stop thinking about how he kisses me. Its so passionate, sweet, and his lips taste good. I feel a hand on my forehead, pulling me and Luke away. As my lips a parts form Luke's lips I look over to the person who pulled me and Luke away. I see that its Beau. I just shake my head.
''Beau don't be jealous, you'll find someone I know it.'' I say as I hug Luke.
''I'm not jealous I just don't everyone kissing here in my house.'' Beau says
''Well I leave here to.'' Luke say
''I know that but Kat and Jai are making out'' Beau says as he points at Kitty and Jai.
'' Oh yea babe I almost forgot to tell you me and Jai are taking you girl out.'' He says
''Awww you didn't have to but that's so sweet babe'' I say as I look up at Luke.
''We are going to take you guys out next week.'' He says.
''OK I can't wait.'' I say as I kissed his cheek.
         I smile. Yay!!! I'm going to go on a date with Luke....... and Jai....... and Kitty. It might not be alone with him but Kitty helping me with my mistakes. I just hope its not a rich restaurant. I hate those. They seem so..... boring. But who cares at least I'll be with Luke, that's what matters the most.

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