Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


11. Dreams


Luke's POV:


             I wake up in Emily's room. I feel hair on my chin. I sit up and I see Emily there sleeping peacefully. Wow she looks so cute when she sleeps. She's so cute. I'm so lucky to have her all to myself. I sit up, I get put of bed, I reach over to my phone and I turn it on. It's 2:30 in the morning, I need more sleep but I really need to go home. I grab my shoes and I walk over to the door. I open it quietly as I can. I put my shoes. I close the door behind me. I walk downstairs. I go over to the kitchen. I grab a bottle of water, and I head for the door. Wait why do I need a water bottle? I hope I'm not in trouble. I open the front door as quietly as I can. I walk out, and I close the door. I hope she'll be OK. I walk back home. I turn the knob. I open the door. I see a flying thing heading my way. I fall on the floor. My face hurts.
'' Oh My Goodness honey I thought you were a robber.'' I hear my mum say as she helps me up.
''Its OK. I'm just go to my room.'' I said as I walk upstairs.
''Honey where were you??'' She asks.
''I was just at Emily's house. she needed a friend.'' I say as I walk upstairs to my room.
I open the door and I see Kat on my bed. -.- REALLY??!! I walk back downstairs. I grab a pillow and lay on the couch. I close my eyes. I think of Emily. I wonder if she woke up already. I feel bad leaving her there by herself. Well her dad and her brother is there I think. They should be there by now. Get that out of your head. Think of dreams. Think of dreams. Dreams. Dream.......
''Luke?? How could you do this to me?.'' I hear someone say.
''Dud you left Emily all by herself?? How could you??'' I hear someone say with a deeper voice.
''You left my daughter alone. How could you?'' I hear a father say.
I turn around I see Emily's father and brother, Beau, Jai, Kat, James, and Skip standing in front of something. Why are they all dressed black? I walk over to them. I see a tombstone. I see Emily's name on it. How did she die.
''How did she die?'' I ask.
''Its all your fault. She wanted you to stay and keep her safe from everything, but you left. She couldn't't lose everything that she loved. But as you can see she's gone all because of you.'' Emily's dad says.
''Its your fault that my little isn't here with us. I guess there isn't a happy ending for her. There will never a happy ending. Are you happy that she made her go away forever? Huh?'' Austin says.
''I- I don't know what to say.'' I mummer.
''Now she's gone forever because of you'' I hear Austin say that repeatedly.

     I wake up. I look around. I take out my phone I look at the screen. Its 3:23. I stand up and run over to Emily's house. I turn the knob. The door opens. I run to Emily's room. I open the door. I see her tossing and turning. She's having a nightmare. I go over to her. I shake her.
''Emily wake up. Wake up.'' I semi-yell.
I see her waking up. She sits up and looks around the room.
''Luke?!'' She says as she looks for my body on her bed.
''Babe I'm right here, don't worry I'll be here.'' I say as I hug her.
     She holds on to me tightly. I hug back. I look down at her, she's crying. I kiss the top of her head. I smoothen her back. I think about my dream. I feel bad leaving her here alone. I hope I make her feel safe all the time. Wait what am I talking about she's mine I'm always suppose to make her feel safe.
''Luke I'm scared.'' she says as she hugged me tighter.
''Its OK I'm here. I'll always be here for you.''
    We both lay down. She cuddles into my arms. I wrap my arms around her. I put my chin on her head. I softly sing 'Little Things'.
''I know you'll never love the sound of your voice on tape you never want to know how much you weigh you still have to squeeze into your jeans but your perfect to me I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth but if its true its you its you they add up to and I'm in love with you and all these little things.'' I sing quietly.
I hear her giggle.
''Babe I love your voice.'' She whispers.
I stop singing.
''Thanks. Now let's talk about your dreams and I'll tell you mine dream.'' I say.
''My dream is......- Well I can't think of one what's your dream?'' she asks.
''My dream is to be young forever.'' I say.
''Well that's nice.'' She mumbles.
        During the whole night we kept talking about dream but she ended up sleeping. I'm really tired. Maybe I should start dreaming.

( I couldn't think of anything to write so I just came up with anything that could pop up in my head. And I'm sorry if this chapter sucked but I hope I have ideas for the next chapter. :P )

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