Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


15. Christmas Day!


                                               Emily POV:
~Christmas Day~
I look over and I check my phone. Its 5:43 A.M. I roll over. I walk to the bathroom,and I turn on the water. I strip down. I feel the cold water running down my body. I push my hair back. I put the warm water on. I take a long nice shower. I get out and change into a nice outfit. I walk down stairs and I see a Christmas tree. I go over to the kitchen and I get hot chocolate. I turn on the TV and watch Hairspray. I hear a knock on the door. I see Kitty with a bag and her parents. I open the door and she runs over to me. With her mom carrying some presents to the tree. Her mom walks over to me.
"How are you doing?"She asks.
"I'm good."I say as Kat hugs me.
"So you must be the famous Emily."The guy says. I smile.
"Yes sir." I say nervously.
"My name is Michael but please call me Mike.I'm sorry for your loss." He says as he gave me a small smile.
"Thanks." I said as I touched mom's locket.
I look at Kat. And she see the Brooks and some family from back home walk in. I look down at what I was wearing. I run up stairs. I lock the door behind me. I look for something to wear. I grab some cloths. I finally found what I want to wear. I change into some nice outfit. I hear a knock on the door. I open it I see Kat. She push me back into the room.
"What wrong?" I ask.
"Jai is talking to my dad."She says.
"Well come on.It can't be that bad." I say.
"No that bad?Last time I had a boyfriend my dad made him run away and he never talked to me again."She said.
"OK.Well lets go downstairs and stay by my side the whole time.Alright?"I say as I opened the door. She nods.
We walk out of the room. I look at my outfit making sure it was OK. I feel a hand pulling on my dress. I look back I see Kitty. I smile. I walk to the kitchen. I grab 2 cups of punch. I told Kitty to get a bowl with gold fish. We walk to the back yard. We sit on some chairs. We sit down and talked about a few things. Austin comes outside. I see him walking over to me.He grabs the bowl of gold fish and walks back inside. I turn around to talk to Kat. I see her staring something behind me. I turn around I see Jai. He walks over to us. I stand up. I walk away. Those two need to talk. I walk inside. There's alot of people here that I don't even know. I see Luke talking to some people. I smile and walk over to him. I grab his hand. He looks down at me. He smiles. He holds me hand tightly. I see some of the family smiling. I listen to their convo. I look over at some of my friends back home. I walk over to them but Luke pulls my arm a bit. I look at him.
"I'll be back.I just want to say hi to a few old friends of mine." I say. He lets go fo me. I kiss his cheek. I went and talked to my old friends. I forgot how fun it felt to be happy with these friends. We laugh and tell each other the memories we made. I feel to pair of arms wrapped around my waist. I look back and I see Luke. I introduce him to my old friends.
A few hours passed and we wall had dinner. I sat with my friends but Kitty had to sit next to me. The guys on the other side and parents in another table. We all talked about all the embarrassing things that happened to me. We all could't stop laughing. I was giggling and blushing. Mostly turning really red. The time as come to presents. We all sat on the floors and couches. Jai and Kat solved their problem. If they had one. I sat next to my friends and Luke. Beau sat next to Molly(random name). I know the having something going on. We all opened our presents. I got mostly cloths and body wash. I don't remember what everyone else got. Luke takes me to the backyard. He smiles.
"Turn around."He said.
"What?"I said giggling.
"Turn around." He repeated.
I did what I was told. I feel something cold on my chest. I see a necklace with a letter L. I smile and turned around. I give him a passionate kiss.
"Hey guys. Sorry to interrupt but your dad has an announcement."Molly said.
We pull away and walk inside hand in hand. We stand next to the kitchen door. We see Dad and Gina smiling.
"Well. OK I just have to say I'm glad that you all are here. I made new friends and this night can't get better."Gina said.
"I just want to say Emily,Austin. I love you very much and so does your mother. I'm happy that your happy. And what I'm about to say will make you even more happy."Dad said,"Me and Gina are getting married." Dad said with a smile.

(Jello darlings.Ju guys are awesome and I'm tired . Peace ~Grace <3 )

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