Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


3. A Day With the New Girl


             Luke POV:

Well yesterday we had dinner with our new neighbors. They had a pretty daughter. No who am I kidding shes beautiful. She's one year younger than me and Jai. I hear the door open. I sit up and I see Beau,James,and Skip walking in my room.

"So what do you think of the new girl?" Jai asked
"She seems nice but mean" Beau said
" That doesnt even make sense"Skip said
" I mean that she looks nice but shes really mean, remember when we asked who is she and she yell "YOUR MUM'' Beau said
" Well at least she pretty right?" James asked
"Yea'' we all said at the same time
" Why don't we ask her if she''ll like to be in one of our videos?''James said
''Yea, we should and maybe we might be friends" James said

We all got ready and headed to Emily's house. We have an argument to see who is gonna knock on the door. They all agreed that I
knock on the door. I knocked on the door. I could feel the chills going through my body.
''IM COMING" Emily said. She opens the door. Once she saw us, she crossed her arms.
" Yes? Why are you knocking at my door early in the morning?" she said as she yawned.
" OH sorry ummm.... we were wondering if you would like to be our video'' I said
" Umm sure Ill be right back let me go change, you could just sit on the floor or the sofa if you like'' She said as she ran
to her room. We walk in. We just stand there like stupid idiots. We walk over to the couch and sit on it. We don't say a word. She runs down the stairs and walk over to us. Shes wearing We all walked out of her house and headed to an alley.
" Could you please record us?" I asked
'' Yea sure'' she said as she grabbed the camera and started to record us. She smiled.
''Hey guys we're the Janoskians'' Beau said
" And I'm Teddy'' Teddy said
'' And together we're DareSundays'' we all said except James
''DareSundays'' James finally said. We all laughed

We all have to drink 3 Liter with food coloring in it. Teddy and Beau had milk with red food coloring,James and I had blue
food coloring, and finally Jai and Skip had green food coloring. We began to drink the milk. Beau drank half of it already. I drank like a bunch of it. I look over to Beau and he is already throwing up. I stop drinking the milk and started to laugh. I look over to Emily she looked away. I just smile at her. I look over to the guys and they all started to throw up. I walk over to them I threw up. It turned blue to like this greenish color.
'' Oh my Godsh how did he do that?" I hear Jai say.
'' Well um The Challenge didnt go as they planned it to be but yea that's all we have they'll see you next time when ever they can. Oh My Godsh I sound soo stupid well bye.'' Emily said as she turned off the video camera.
She smiles at us. We walk back home. Emily kept laughing us. We finally made it back home. Today was a great nasty day. I see Emily
walking in her house. She looks back and looks over to me and smiles. I just stand there looking at the ground. I walk home. I walk over to myroom. I see the guys all smiling at me.

''So did you have a good time with your girlfriend?'' Skip asked as he put his arms around me.
''She is not my girlfriend.'' I said as I started to blush. But I wish she was.
''OK what ever you say baby bro'' Beau said.
'' You do like her'' Skip said
" No I don't only as friend ONLY '' I said as I blushed even more
''Then why are you blushing?"Jai said
I run to the bathroom and I lock the door. I look at my self through a mirror. I see my cheeks pink/red. I guess I do like Emily. No I
don't only as a friend, I ONLY like her as a friend. No more than that.


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