I'll Save You (Niall Fan Fic)

19 year old Emely was walking down the street. All of a sudden a guy starts hitting on her touching her bum when she says no, he slaps her. what happens when niall comes to her rescue?


4. School Sucks




 It was monday so i had school 2 more months then im out!! i got up from my bed and got in the shower. after i just put on some black skinny jeans with a black shirt that say "Free Hugs" niall gave it to me as a present. i smiled to myself. as i walked up to school i saw a bunch of people staring at me and laughing. whats up with them? i had to pee bad so i went into the bathroom to find 4 girls adjusting their make-up "Want some?" on asked "no thanks i dont wear make-up" i replied "oh it wouldnt help anyways to cover up .....that" she said pointing to me "listen bitch you stay away from niall hes mine" one of them said to me while steping close "Me and niall what are you talking about?" "we saw the picture of you and niall kissing" then i thought back of his house





he lifted up my chin and wiped the tear away with his thumb. he looked into my eyes. i couldnt help but stare into his blue orbs. then he leaned in and kiss me on the lips. we shared the most passionate kiss even though its are first. we pulled away to breath "Emely will you do the honor of becoming my girlfriend i know we met a few hours ago but i feel like i have known you forever?" "i would love to" i replied 


then i thought Shit the paps took pics "so what if i am ?" i asked "lets just say there will be blood involved " she said smiling while grabbing my wrist and cutting it very deep with a blade "AHH-" she covered my mouth and said "You tell anyone about this you will get worse understand me?" i nodded she took the blade of my wrist and walked out. i slided down the bathroom wall watching the blood pour up while wincing. i got up washed my arms and walked out. i walked out crying holding my wrist running home. i gotmy wrist cleaned up. then i just laid on my bed looking up at the celling. then i fell asleep letting one single tear fall from my eyes,






Sorry for short chapter got a TUN of homework but thanks for reading more tomorrow :)

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