I'll Save You (Niall Fan Fic)

19 year old Emely was walking down the street. All of a sudden a guy starts hitting on her touching her bum when she says no, he slaps her. what happens when niall comes to her rescue?


2. Meeting Him


I was walking to McDonalds at 12 am I know right but I wanted food.  While I was walking to drunk guys came up to me one of them said "Hey girl you look like a fun time" He slurred his words. I can smell the beer on his breath. He walked closer to me . I steped back. He was still walking closer to me. I walked back so far I hit a tree and surrounded by them " wanna come to my place" he said "NO KNOW GET OFF OF ME" i yelled trying to push himm off of me. all of a sudden i felt a warm spot on my cheek . He just slapped me! He kept on hitting me till I heard a thick irish accent saying "GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER!"and no pain was anywhere he tackled him and starting hitting him till he was knocked out




NIALLS P.O.V I was walking to McDonalds till I heard someone yell "NO NOW GET OFF OF ME" I look over to where I heard the yelling. all of a sudden I saw a girl getting beat up by a guy. I ran and yelled "GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER!!!" I tackled him and started punching him in the head. he knocked out. I got off of him and helped her up "Are you okay?" I asked her "umm y-y-yeah just hurts a little thank you so much" she said while hugging me. I could smell her perfume. shes wearing our perfume !! our moment by me and my band!! "whats your name?" I asked her "Emely" she said shyly "yours?" "Niall Horan"





 I froze . Did.Did he say Niall Horan ? as in THE Niall Horan? "Niall Horan from o-o-ne Direction??" "Um yeah please don't freak out?" he said "I wont " I said trying to keep my cool "so uh wear were you going?" he asked me "McDonalds you?" "Oh to my house.. hey don't be freaked out but the lads are there at my house wanna come over?" he asked "Umm sure" I said how could I not  HES FREAKIN NIALL HORAN'




So hoped you like the first chapter i worked a long time on it. i like it . i will post another tomorrow love you bye :)


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