House of Hades

Percy and Annabeth are trapped in Tartarus, the rest of the Seven are traveling to the Doors of Death to free them. Camp Jupiter is marching on to attack Camp Halfblood and Leo Valdez STILL doesn't have a girlfriend. What will happen next in the House of Hades?


2. Chapter Two

Jason and Piper sprinted out on deck only to be met with their crazed faun chaperone attacking a sea monster. And this was no Squidward Tentacles. It was a massive octopus that was hitting the ship with it's many arms. Jason whirled around and saw Leo running for the control board.

"NOT MY SHIP! I'LL KILL YOU AND MAKE CALAMARI!" he yelled, grabbed the controllers.

"Leo!" Jason shouted.

"Get us in the air!"

" What does it look like I'm trying to do?" Leo screamed back.

While he was busy with that, Hazel and Frank had arrived.

"Frank, do you think you could turn into an shark or something?" Jason said desperately. He really had no idea what to do. The air was his turf. Water? Not so much. With a gulp, Jason realized that in Percy and Annabeth's absence, he had to step and be the leader. Great.

Coach Hedge looked ready to launch himself into the water and start battling fish-style. Jason took a deep breath and then said,

"Frank, any aquatic animal would be good right now. Hazel, Arion would be a great help too. Piper, try and charm speak the squid. Coach- just don't do anything too insane."

"What are you going to do?" Piper asked fearfully.

Jason reached into his pocket and took out his coin, flipping it and then grabbed the javelin it turned it.

"Attack. Percy style."

And with that, Jason threw himself onto the sea monster.

Percy had no idea how lucky he was. Being able to control the water would have been a great help in this situation. Trying to kill the sea monster was trying to ride a bull, except only about a million times more difficult. Jason could only hold on and attempt to get a stab in now and again. Yet somehow, he found himself being held around the waist by one of the squid's tentacles. He was being pulled swiftly tugged toward's the monster's mouth. Soon enough he was staring straight at it's open maw.

"Well, this is gonna suck." Jason thought.

All of a sudden, he heard a voice shriek,


It was Piper, and she was using charm-speak.


And with that, Jason hit the water with a bone-rattling CRASH.

"You do realize, " Jason said as Piper furiously rubbed his head with a towel,

"That hitting water from a great height can kill you on impact."

Piper swatted him with the towel and said,

"Well, what else was I meant to do? How could you be so stupid!" she said disbelievingly.

"Hanging around with Percy, some of his rashness seems to rub off." Jason said with a grin.

Piper groaned and walked out of the room. As she left, Jason called after her,

"Told you charm speak would come in handy."

Leo called a meeting in the mess hall later that day. Once they all gathered, he said,

"Guys, I'm seriously sick of this ship getting hated on by any monster that comes our way. I mean, they are monsters, but couldn't they have some appreciation for good craftsmanship when they see it?"

Surprisingly, the only one who smiled was Nico. Funnily enough, he slept through the entire attack. Well, he was still regaining his strength from his captivity with the giants. Jason couldn't blame him.

" Leo, I don't mean to criticize , but is there any way we could speed up the process to getting to Eprius to close the Doors of Death on the outside." Hazel asked timidly.

Leo turned to look at her and then said,

" The ship only has one speed. Besides, we're going to have to fight a whole bunch of monsters just to reach the doors."

Nico nodded quickly and then said,

"And Percy and Annabeth still have to make their way on the other side."

Everyone stayed silent while they avoided the gigantic elephant in the room. If they actually managed to close the Doors of Death, someone would have to stay in Tartarus.

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