Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


32. the war

Kylee's POV

We get to the car and I decide to see just exactly how much hate there is on my social media accounts. After looking at them I find a lot of follow requests, I guess I should change my accounts from private. There are a lot of comments calling me and Carissa stupid, ugly, untalented, sluts, and "not worthy" of being Liam and Louis' girlfriends. There are a few people with nice comments calling us beautiful and saying that they are happy if the boys are happy.

"We should do something tomorrow!!" Carissa says. We all agree and try to think of what to do.

"I have an idea!!!" I exclaim.

"What is it?" Everyone asks.

"We should split up in two teams and have a war." I say.

"But I don't wanna die!" Louis exclaims.

"Not a to the death war, a prank war and nerf gun war." I say.

"But there is Seven of us..." Niall says sadly.

"I could invite Perrie." Zayn says.

"Let's do it!" Harry says excitedly.

"We're here." The driver says as we pull up to the house. We walk inside talking about the war.

"Listen up everyone!" I exclaim and everyone grows quiet. "Okay first of all, team captains, they get to choose their teams, but they could be the people who get pranked the most. So on that note, who wants to be the other captain? I get to be a captain since it's my idea." I say. Louis, Harry and Zayn all raise their hand, as Perrie walks in. We explain what's going on to her and she decides not to be a captain.

"How about... Louis." I say. "Sorry Harry, sorry Zayn, but I have the perfect prank for Louis."

"Should we choose our teams today?" Louis asks.

"Yep, you go first." I say.

"Carissa." He says.





"Perrie." I say and we all divide into our groups. "The rules are: as soon as that clock turns to 12 o' clock the war begins, no nerf guns until round 2, both teams have to agree on round two, you may not shoot someone with a nerf gun or prank them if they are in their teams lair, no head shots, and nothing that physically or mentally harms anyone. Questions?"

"What's our lair?" Zayn asks.

"Teams have to discuss their name and lair right now." I say. My team huddles.

"I say the kitchen should be our lair, we can't let them shoot the food!!!" Niall says.

"No the lair is going to be Liam's bedroom. He has a pull out couch in there so we can all sleep in there, they can't do anything to us while we are in our lair." I say.

"Good thinking, all for my room?" Liam asks and all of us but Niall raises our hand. Niall pouts before raising his hand.

"Okay team name?" I ask.

"The Pain!" Liam says.

"The potatoes!" Niall says.

"Okay how bout the pain because it sounds intimidating." I say, Perrie agrees and so does Niall after thinking about it. We turn around to hear the other group arguing so I tell my group to huddle again.

"Code names?" I ask. "How about we do colors or animals or something."

"Red." Liam says.

"Green." Niall says.

"White." Perrie says.

"I'm blue." I say and we turn around to the other group finishing up.

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