Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


5. the evil plan.......

Carissa's POV

After Kylee got done crying I told her my plan. She said ok but your paying for the new window.

"lets do this." I say and we both start throwing rocks at the window, we break down the window and run, well more like jump inside.

"I'll turn off the alarm you get the suit cases, make it quick too!!" Kylee yells over the alarm. She starts typing in the code to turn the alarm off, while I run to get our suit cases. I come back to find Kylee frustrated.

"whats wrong?" I ask her.

"they changed the code... we will just have to pack fast, and then get outta here." Kylee says.

"okay lets go!!" I say, and we both run to pack, and five minutes later, im down stairs, waiting for kylee.

"I cant find it!!!" Kylee yells. I run up stairs and help her look for her dads sweatshirt.

"here it is, we gotta go!!" I yell.


Kylee's POV
"here it is, we gotta go!!" Carissa yells.

"ok" I reply and slip the sweatshirt on. We both run down the stairs, on the last probably 20 stairs I trip (we have a lot of stairs), good going Kylee I tell myself as a bunch of pain shoots up my leg. I try to get up and walk but I immediately fall over.

"Carissa, I cant walk!!" I yell.

"crap, here let me call one of the boys to come help us!!" Carissa yells back. She talks to someone on the phone for a few seconds, then Liam jumps through the window.

"can you carry Kylee to the car, please Liam"  Carissa asks Liam.

"sure" Liam replies. Liam walks over to me and picks me up bridal style.

"thank you." I tell Liam.

"Your welcome." he replies. For some reason I cant stop looking at him, wow he's kind of ho- NO Kylee you are supposed to be dating Harry, it would just be awkward to like one of the other boys while your dating Harry. We get out of the house, and Liam takes me to the car.

"Here you go." Liam says as he sets me down in the car.

"Thanks again Liam." I say.

"Your welcome" Liam says again. Once Liam and Carissa gets done putting the suitcases in the trunk, they climb in the car.

"hospital, please" Carissa says to the driver. I would say something, but I know better than to argue over this with Carissa. When we get to the hospital Liam picks me up again, and carries me inside, with Carissa at his side the whole time.

"We need a x-ray for Kylee please." Liam says to the lady at the desk.

"ok one of you can go in the waiting room with her, while the other fills some stuff out, so which of you wants to do what, the boyfriend, or the best friend?" the lady says, and I blush at the boyfriend thing and say

"actually he's not my boyfriend, he's my friend, and that's my sister and my best friend."

"ok then your sister should do the paper work while your friend goes with you." she says putting quotation marks around the word friend. Jeez the nerve of some people I think while Liam carries me over to the waiting area.

~a few min. later~

"Kylee" the x-ray guy yells. Liam picks me up and takes me over to the x-ray guy, whose name happens to be, Bryan.

"I like your name" I tell Bryan.

"thanks if you guys could just follow me." Bryan says. We follow him into the x-ray room, but before we go to the glass that's by the door Bryan stops us.

"Someone's finishing up in there, can you wait here a minute, you can look through the glass if you want." Bryan says.

"Ok, thanks." Liam and I say at the same time.

"want to go look through the glass for a little bit or do you want to wait here?" Liam asks.

"we can look through the glass if you want." I reply.

"ok" Liam says, and walks over to the glass, with me still in his arms. We look through the glass, and I immediately say

"go away from the glass, get away!" I start crying, while Liam jogs away from the window. Tears are streaming down my face, and I have my face buried in Liam's chest.

"What's wrong, who was that??" Liam asks.


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