Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


35. shopping and concert

Carrisa's P.O.V. (The entire chapter)

Perrie, Kylee and I are on our way to the mall to find some clothes for the 5 seconds of summer concert. The guys think they don't need any special clothes for the concert but us girls do.

"We are here!" Says Perrie who is a terrible driver

"Yes! Finally!" I say.

"Lets go!" Says Kylee

We go into the first store called Gordmans which is my favorite store i buy a turquoise top that says love with some jean shorts and black vans. The next store is rue 21 for Perrie. She buys a black and white crop top that has a zig zag design with shorts that look like leather and sandals. The last store we go to is hot topic which is Kylee's favorite store. She gets a black supernatural Devils trap tank, some black torn cutoff shorts with some black floral lined combat boots, and a 5sos guitar pick necklace to top it off. We decide to go eat after all the shopping.

"Where do you girls want to eat?" Ask's Perrie.

"Does Olive Garden sound good to you two?" I ask

"Yeah!" They say in a chorus

"Hahaha i guess that's where we are eating then" says Perrie

~in olive garden after they ordered~

"Wow this is really good! I haven't eaten here in forever!" I say

"Mhm" says Perrie with a mouthful of food

"Woah slow down there Perrie!" Says Kylee

"Sorry! It's just so good!" Replies Perrie

"I can't wait to go to the concert it's going to be so much fun!" Says Kylee

"I know right! I cant wait either! I think this is our first time seeing them live Kylee!" I say

We finish eating and pay for our meal. We decide that we are too full to do anything else so we just head home.

~the next day (concert day)~

"Good morning sleeping beauty" says the familiar voice

"Its too early to wake up Lou" i say groggily

"Its 11 in the morning" he says

"Yeah its too early" i reply still half asleep

"C'mon there are chocolate and blueberry pancakes waiting for you"

I shoot up out of bed and say "what are we still doing up here then?!"

Louis chuckles and follows me down the steps to the kitchen. By the time he arrives next to me I have already attacked my pancakes.

"Nice of you two to join us" Liam says chuckling then leans down to give Kylee a kiss

"You two are so cute" i say with a mouthful of pancakes

Kylee blushes while liam chuckles and smiles at Kylee

"So when exactly are we leaving for the concert?" Asks louis

"Here in a few. We have to wait for the others to get here meanwhile you two should probably get ready. I don't think you will want to go dressed in your pajamas" Liam says as i finish my pancakes. I look down at my clothes completely forgetting that i haven't even changed yet. I go change and finish getting ready when louis walks in the bathroom.

"Are you done in here? I have to wee and someone is in the other bathroom"

"Yep just finished" i say smiling and stepping out so he can go in. I don't know why I'm smiling i guess just the sight of him can make my day. The others arrive and we take off to go to the concert that is 6 hours away.

~after the concert~

"Wow that was so much fun!" Shouts Perrie

"Yeah! Everyone sounds like chipmunks though!" I say chuckling

They all laugh because its true. Everyone sounds like alvin and the chipmunks. We all walk to our hotel that is only a few blocks away from the concert. We had a great time but now its time for bed.


Hello I had a great time writing this chapter the outfits the girls had are actual outfits. I searched up outfits from the actual store but i let ropayne decide Kylee's outfit and store because i didnt know what to do for her outfit im sorry i dont update on here as much as ropayne but i will try my best to update it more often ~loutomlinson122

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