Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


27. movie


Liam and I are in the car now because as soon as we pulled away we got bombarded with questions, mostly about us dating, of course... Everyone came back to the car not long after us. Everyone seemed like they were in a good mood. I noticed something shiny by Perrie's hand, I look at it awhile then notice it's a ring?!?!

"Perrie!" I exclaim.

"What?" She asks confused.

"Your engaged?!?!" I ask.

"Yeah, to zayn..." She says and blushes.

"Awwww!!!! But there is one problem..."

"What's that?"

"Zayn didn't ask for my permission!" I say and Perrie, Carissa and I all giggle.

"Oh no!" Perrie dramatically says and pretends to through her hands up in frustration.

"What is it babe??" Zayn asks, only have heard part of our conversation.

"We can't get married now!!" Perrie says and pretends to pout with her bottom lip stick out and her arms crossed.

"What?!?!? Why not?!?!?" Zayn asks confused.

"You didn't ask Kylee for permission..." She says and us girls start laughing.

"You. Should of. Seen. Your face!!!!" Carissa manages to get out In between laughing.

~at the boys' house~

"I'm going to put my stuff away and change into my PJ's, then have a movie marathon in the living room if anyone wants to join me!!" I say and walk upstairs with my giraffe, Liam not far behind me carrying my bear still like a gentleman.

"Here, trade me, I want you to keep this in your room for when I sleep with you, and then I don't want to take up space in your room so I'll keep my teddy bear!!!" I say and switch Liam animals. I do exactly what I said a end up with EVERYBODY downstairs for a movie marathon, us girls are in our PJ's while the boys thankfully are still dressed. We watch a bunch of Disney movies and what not.

"I'm going to bed!" I say as soon as Harry pulls out a scary movie.

"Come on! Stay! Don't be a party pooper Kylee!!!" Is basically what I hear throughout the room. No, sorry, call me anything you want but I don't like scary movies and I'm really tired is what I meant to say but

"Fine, but this is my last movie." Comes out instead, why am I so stupid I think as I sit back down next to Liam, but I make sure to scoot a little closer than I had before. Let the fun begin.


Crappy chapter but it's 12:33 and I wanna sleep night ya'll!!!! Just so you guys know I like never say ya'll I guess I type it a lot though XD

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