Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


13. Management cont.

Kylee's POV

"Okay, so we decided that you guys can stop dating Harry and Liam, BUT you guys have to chose a different member of one direction to date or keep dating the same person." Joe says.

"Do we have to?" Carissa asks

"Yes, come in tomorrow at noon and we will talk more about it, but I have something else I have to do right now." Joe says

"Okay, bye Joe take care." I say and put my phone in my pocket and leave.

"Well that went well I guess." I say when Carissa and I get into the car.

"Yeah, not really." Carissa says and laughs "Want to go to McDonalds?"

"Sure but can we go through the drive through then eat it in the parking lot; like old times." I ask

"Yes!" Carissa says

~Back at boys house~

"WERE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" Carissa yells as soon as she opens the front door.

"You guys take a LONG time to eat." Niall says.

"Yeah, we like to take our time." I say.

"hey!!!!!" Niall exclaims.

"You guys want to wake the boys up with a little prank?" Carissa asks.

"Oh yeah!" Niall and I exclaim

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