Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


37. Kylee's POV

Kylee's POV

~the day before the premiere~

"Hurry up Carissa!!" I yell upstairs. We are going shopping for the premiere today, Perrie and I are ready to go but Carissa just decided to get up.

"I'm coming! Stop naggin'!" Carissa yells back, as she walks down the stairs. We head out for the mall, but not before kissing our boyfriends goodbye. Once we are there we all go to different stores until we have found the perfect off the shoulder dress for Carissa, the top is pink, the bottom half is floral and it cuts off mid thigh.

We go to a few more stores until we find a dress for Perrie, which is strapless, the top is a floral design, then there is a white skirt it cuts off mid thigh. We are still trying to find one for me. We keep looking and looking until there is only one female store left in the whole mall.

"Well, either my dress is in here, or I'm out of luck." I say. I hate dresses, so we are trying to find one that is simple, yet still looks good on me, and compliments my style. We look for what seems like 10 hours, which probably ended up only being one, when Perrie says "this is the one." And holds up a dress that is perfect, the top half is like a jean shirt/jacket then there is a beautiful brown belt, and the bottom is a white skirt that cuts off mid thigh.

"It's perfect!" I exclaim.

"You don't know that yet, go try it on!" Carissa says pushing me towards the dressing room, Perrie handing me the dress.

"Okay, okay I'm going, wait right outside the stall, so I can show you." I say and slip in a stall. I put it on and look in the mirror. I knew it was perfect, but I was still amazed at the result. I step out and Perrie and Carissa both look at me, mouths agape.

"Does it really look bad? I thought this was the perfect one... I know I'm not he most attractive person...." I start.

"No silly, you look so beautiful in it!!" Carissa says cutting me off.

"It really is the perfect dress for you." Perrie says, still shocked.

"Liam will love it!" Perrie exclaims snapping out of it, I blush, and she says "go change out of it so we can buy it! Then we get to look at shoes, I mean it is almost supper time, but we can at least try one store."

I take the dress off, and we pay for it. We head to a really cool shoe store and we all end up getting shoes there. Perrie gets white floral combat boots, I get lilo and stitch converse, they have stitch on them and they say "I'm lost" and they have a few fake paw prints on them. Carissa gets some basic black flats. We go home and get ready for dinner with the boys.

-the next day-

It is almost time for the premiere and us girls are putting our dresses on and doing our hair makeup, getting our shoes on all that good stuff. We all slip on our dresses, I do Carissa's hair in a perfect bun, while Perrie puts her shoes on. Then Perrie does my hair in nice bouncy curls, while Carissa puts her shoes on. I slip on my shoes while Carissa does Perries hair. Perrie ends up having her hair straightened. They do makeup next, which I want no part of, so I decide to go downstairs with the boys. I find them playing modern warfare.

"Can I join?" I ask.

"Sure!" I hear someone say, I don't know who it is because no one looks up, I'm handed a controller by the person closest to me, which happens to be Niall. After playing for a while, Liam asks me to join him in his room for a second. We go upstairs to his room holding hands, and when we get there he opens the door for me.

"After our conversation at the hotel, before ice skating, I decided to go get this, which is why I was a little bit late, but not by much." Liam says looking around in his drawer. "I don't want you to freak out when you see it, let me explain okay?" He says turning around with his hands behind his back.

"Okay." I say, confused, but excited. He pulls out a beautiful ring (it's Ariel engagement ring, it's gorgeous). I let him explain before saying anything.

"So I'm not asking you to marry me or anything yet. I just wanted to get you this, it's a promise ring, it promises that I will marry you one day, and that I won't cheat. By wearing it you promise the same thing back. So Kylee, will you accept my promise by taking this ring?" He says, I can see the hope gleaming in his eyes.

"Of course I will." I say and take the ring. I slip it in the correct finger and kiss him passionately. We pull apart to breathe, foreheads touching, and Liam says

"You look stunning. You should curl your hair more often. Also I love the shoes." I look down and realize that he is wearing high top toy story converse.

"I like yours too." I say and giggle. "You know what we should do."

"What?" Liam asks curious.

"On the toes of our converse we should write a quote, like if we would choose say... Green eggs and ham, then your left toe would say green, your right would say eggs, my left would say and, while my right says ham. Of course it won't be green eggs and ham, that was just an example." I say.

"That sounds like a great idea." Liam says. We look up quotes for couples on Google, and decide on 'I walked for miles till I found you' we put it on the toes of our shoes and we were both very proud of our work. We go downstairs and everyone else is ready so we all head off to the premiere.

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