Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


22. Getting the cast off...... finally!

Kylee's POV

I wake up and realize that I have a Dr.'s appointment today. I get up and check the time, 9:30 a.m.. Good Now I have time to get ready and call them to see what time my appointment is. I decide to call first.


"Hello, this is Kylee Ray, I had an appointment today, I was wondering what time It was, my friends set it up."

"One second, let me check."


"Lets see, your appointment is at 10:30 a.m."

"Okay thank you!"

"no thank you." she says and hangs up. I take a shower and get dressed, then I wake Carissa up.

"What???" She groans

"Get up, I have to be at the doctors in 45 minutes."


"Get dressed."

"fine." Carissa says, and turns on music.

"I'll be downstairs when your ready...." I say and go to liam's room, and grab one of his sweatshirts, then go downstairs. I sit on the couch until Carissa comes downstairs.

"Lets go!" I say

"But, Breakfast......"

"no, you took to long, plus we are getting lunch soon."


"fine, just a pop tart or something."

"yaaaaasssss, I love you!!!"

"yeah, yeah." I say.

~at the doctors office, talking to the doctor~

"So, good news, and bad news"


"we can take the boot off, the only thing is that you need to go through physical therapy, so you cant start filming the movie until the first of next month."

"Okay, Is there ANY way that I can possibly start filming sooner?"

"I might be able to get it a couple weeks sooner if I happen to get a signed tee-shirt and a DVD......"

"Fine." I say. "who do you want to sign it?"

"All the main characters, and the director, and Veronica Roth."

"What size?"

"Large, its for my daughter."

"Kay" I say, and he takes the boot off. I get up and start walking around, very clumsily I may add.

"You'll get used to walking again soon, but I got to get the next patient in, sorry."

"Its fine." I say, and Carissa and I walk towards the front.

"he was a jerk." I say as soon as we are outside.

"Yeah he was." Carissa says, laughing because I fell on my butt.

"shut up, im not used to this." I say.

"Whatever, lets get lunch!"

"Okay, where at?"

"Nando's, taco bell, subway, or mc. donalds?"

"hmmmmmm, subway."


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