Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


30. Double Date and Prep.

Kylee's POV

"Hey Carissa, can I talk to you before we go to the interview?" I ask her as she enters our room.

"Yeah, sure, if we have time!" She says.

~Louis, Liam, Kylee and Carissa goes to Starbucks and gets coffee before returning to the car~

Liam's POV

After we get our coffee we get back in the car and drive to the special place Louis and I have for our date. I'm so excited and I know that Kylee will love it! We pull up and get out of the car.

"Its beautiful!" Carissa says.

"I love it!!" Kylee says. Me and Louis look over at each other and smile. Louis does the thumbs up as the girls are admiring the view.

Kylee walks over to me and gives me a peck on the lips before hugging me. As she hugs me I see Louis give me a thumbs up again. Oh that cheeky boy. I think as I shake my head.

Kylee's POV (when they pull up to the secret place)

"It's beautiful!" Carissa says and I stand there in awe.

"I love it!!" I finally get out. We are in a clearing in the woods where you can see the beautiful sunset. (It's a Late interview at like 10:00 or something like that, don't judge!! Lol) I walk over to Liam and give him a peck on the lips before I hug him. I feel Liam shake his head and I pull away.

"Want to go sit down?" I ask.

"Sure." He says and grabs my hand. We walk over to about half way through the clearing and sit down. We talk about a lot of different stuff for a while when Louis and Carissa come over and say that it's time to leave.

~one hour after they get home (they played COD the whole time)~

"Ky.... Can we talk now?" Carissa asks.

"Yeah let's go." I say and sadly leave the COD behind. :(

"What was wrong last night?" Carissa asks as soon as we step foot in her room.

"Ummm I don't know what your talking about there was nothing wrong...." I say too quickly. Darn my nervousness.

"Please tell me Ky. We have told each other everything since we where little please don't keep something from me now." She says and gives me the puppy dog eyes.

"Ugh fine so last night when I hid under the covers during that scary movie, I had a flashback to when I went to Percy's house and mom came and got me then when we got home she beat me and she tried to beat you and I tackled her and you called 999. Then when I went to bed I had a nightmare it was the same thing except when I got home you and Percy and mom were calling me names. It was terrible..." I say crying.

"Oh my gosh Kylee, I'm sooooo sorry!!!! I would never call you names!! Why would you dream that though?" Carissa says crying as well. We get done doing some stuff together and get ready for the interview. We pull up and have to run inside because of all the fans outside. When we get inside the boys and Carissa and I all head to the boys dressing room. Before we get there Liam pulls me aside from the others.

"Hey, what's up Li?" I ask.

"They are going to ask about the carnival, I wanted to know if you were ready to make our relationship official." He says holding my hands.

"I'm ready if your ready. But if you think there will be too much hate just leave it alone." I say and smile at him.

"Okay if your sure..." He says.

"It's fine, if I wasn't ready I would tell you." I say.

"Okay, one more thing.... I need luck." He says and kisses me.

"Okay now go get ready!" I say and shoo him away.

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