Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


25. dinner

Kylee's POV

After we finished playing Body Body 5 or 6 times we go out to dinner. Management set us up a reservation at a fancy restaurant, so we all dressed up nice and left. When we are in the car Niall says "We have a surprise for you guys after dinner!"

"Oh great, did somebody at least think to grab Carissa and I a change of clothes, I don't want to be in this stupid dress all night!" I exclaim.

"Yeah, I grabbed you a change of clothes, and Louis grabbed Carissa a change of clothes!" Liam says.

"Okay good!" I say as we pull up to the restaurant. "Let's get this over with!"

"Great, management must have told everyone we are here!" Zany says pointing to all the pap's.

"I guess we will have to make a run for it!" Niall says, Liam grabs my hand and we take off. I guess it's a good thing I wore my converse! Perrie wore her flats because she wanted to be dressy but knew that there might be pap's here. Carissa wore heels but I know she would have much rather have worn vans. She just doesn't want to make management upset..... I could care less, I know I should since they are my 'boss' but they nag too much. I've decided that I'm going to make the best of my time with the one direction boys, how did we come to this? Carissa and I hated them and now we are dating part of them..... I know your wondering how I know about Carissa and Louis, I know because you can tell by their body language. And their holding hands not because their forced if it was because of that they would have let go by now.

"Hello, do you have a reservation?" The lady at the desk says.

"Yeah it's under Liam." Liam says, still holding my hand.

"Okay follow me please." The lady says and leads us to a table in the back. "Your waiter will be with you in a moment."

She leaves and our waiter comes and takes our Drink orders. He leaves and gets our drinks, he brings it back and we order.

"You guys want to play 20 questions?" Perrie asks. We all agree and she starts off.

"What's your favorite color..... Carissa!"

"Red." Carissa says

"Me too!!!" Louis says and high fives Carissa.

"Umm..... Favorite movie.... Liam!"

"TOY STORY!!!" Liam exclaims. "Favorite T.V. Show....... Kylee!!"

"Once upon a time." I say, and the game carries on until we get our food. We eat and Liam hands me my clothes I change and walk back out. Liam grabs my hand and we run to the car. Carissa had already changed because she finished eating before me. The boys blindfold Carissa, Perrie and I. Ugh I hate surprises!!! We get to our destination and they un blindfold us.

"You took us to a carnival?!?!" I exclaim.

"Yep!" Liam says.

"How did you know I freakin love carnivals?" I ask.

"Everyone loves carnivals." Niall says.

"True that!" I say.

"Okay so it's Kylee and Liam, Louis and Carissa, zayn and Perrie, and Harry and I." Niall says.

"Yep! we meet here at midnight!" Liam says and we all scatter.


Sorry for taking so long to update! I will give EVERYBODIES POV's in the next chapter. I tried to do an extra long chapter since I took so long to update but idk how well of a job I did, the next chapter should be a long one and it should be updated by/on tomrrow if not then on Friday, but please don't hate me if its not updated by then! I love you all!!

~RoPayne OUT~

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