Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


8. Carrisa's POV

Carissa's POV

I FINALLY got done with the paperwork. I'll just sit here in the waiting room till they're done in there.

~5 min. l8r~

I've been sitting here for like 5 hours!!!!! wow there is a lot of noise coming from the x-ray room, i hope Ky's okay. Liam runs out of the x-ray room with Kylee (asleep???) in his arms, he spots me and yells

"Carissa run!!!" as soon as  the words leave his lips im up and running to the door not taking one little peek behind me. I jump in the car and help Liam get in since he has Ky.

"Our place, step on it." is the first thing Liam says.

"what happened?"

"is Kylee okay??"

"why is kylee unconscious?"

"why did you run out of the hospital like that?" all the boys ask but the only thing i say is "explain." and thats exactly what Liam does.

~after explanation (for explanation see chapters 5-7)~

"Kylee wake up, please." I say. we have been trying to wake her up at random times through the explanation, but it hasn't worked yet. Im starting to get worried because she has blacked out a lot, but it has never been for this long.

~2 days l8r Kylee's POV~

I wake up and im in a bed, and my leg feels REALLY heavy. I pull off the covers, look down at my heavy leg and see, a boot, like the boots you have to wear when you break your leg. *sigh* well i better get ready for the day, i think to myself. I get dressed then go downstairs.


"Ky your awake!!!!" Carissa yells and runs over to me and gives me a hug, when she lets go i say

"you know its really hard to get downstairs with crutches and a boot" Carissa starts laughing.

"i bet so." she says.

"why did you freak out when i walked down the stairs?" i ask Carissa.

"Ky, you were out for two days" Carissa says.

"ok well lets tell the boys im awake." i say

"yeah follow me." Carissa says. I jump in where the boys are and yell "HAKUNA MATATA!!"

"SHES ALIVE!!!!!!!!!" Louis yells. Liam runs over to me and gives me a huge hug, then the boys run over and join liam.

~7hours l8r (about 10 o clock)~

Liam and i are the only ones downstairs, and also the only ones awake.

"you wanna watch a movie?" Liam asks me.

"sure, you can choose which movie."

"okay." Liam says and takes out a scary movie.

"uhhhhhh, can you choose a different movie please?" I ask Liam, truth is I used to love Scary movies and i used to as outgoing as Carissa until something happened, and now im terrified of scary movies and as you can tell, im really quiet.

"nope, if you get scared ill be right beside you i promise." Liam says

"okay, but i might run upstairs in the middle of the movie." I say. Liam starts the movie, and i immediately scoot closer to Liam.

~after movie~

"Kylee, wake up." Liam says, i wake up with my arms around Liam and my face buried in his chest. I lift my head up.

"Liam, will you carry me upstairs please?" I ask.

"Sure" Liam says and picks me up, soon enough were in my room. Liam sets me in bed, and says

"im glad your awake." Then he kisses my forehead and gets up and leaves my room shutting the door behind him, i start thinking of the movie. I get out of bed and go as fast as i can with my crutches to my bedroom door, i swing the door open and  go to Liams room.

"Hi Kylee, do you need anything?"

"can i sleep in here tonight please? im really scared."

"yeah, here crawl right in." he says and moves some covers aside.

"Thanks Li." I say.

"anything for you Ky." Liam says, and wraps his arms around me.

Soon enough I fall into a deep sleep.


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