Pretend its Love <3

Kylee and Carissa are just becoming famous, and their managers want them to get some publicity. Their managers pair them up to "date" One Direction. Will they really fall in love, or will everything go downhill??


21. carissa and kylee..... home alone????

Carissa's POV

~truth or dare~

"hmmmm Niall truth or dare?" I ask.

"Dare." He reply's

"I dare you to....... call the last person on your contacts, not anyone in this room, and persist that you are calling taco bell." I say, and Niall unlocks his phone.

"Who is it?" Kylee asks.

"Yasmine..." Niall says. (A/N Sorry couldn't think of a name....)

"well, call her!" Louis says. Niall presses call and yasmine answers on the third ring.

"Hey Nialler! Why the sudden call? You haven't talked to me in what 2 years now?"

"Hello, I would like 2 taco's, one soft shell, on hard shell, one" He gets cut of by yasmine.

"Niall, stop messing with me, im not the taco bell." She says.

"yaaaassss you aaarrreeee" Niall says in a mexican accent.

~after truth or dare, the next morning~

"wake up carisssa!!!" I hear Kylee yell.

"ugh, no" I say. All the sudden the room gets cold and I open my eyes as Kylee pushes me off the bed.

"jerk." I mumble and get up rubbing my nose.

"thanks, guess what!" Kylee says excitedly.

"what?" I groan.

"We are home alone." She says with an evil smile "until tomorrow..."


"The boys said they are going to Skype us as soon as they are done with their meeting." Kylee informs me.

"Okay, so what do you want to do first?" I ask.

"Well first we have to go to a photo shoot for two hours, for that movie we are going to be in." Kylee says.

"Oh okay. How are we going to that, you still have the cast till next week, at the soonest." I ask

"I take it off, so my photos will be spread out, so I can rest it and everything."

"oh, what movie is it again?"

"Divergent, I am Beatrice/tris you are Christina." Kylee says (I don't know what movie to choose, but that's not what they look like lol)

"Oh yeah, so when do we start shooting?"

"As soon as I get this off." Kylee says and points to her cast. "Now, we have to go or we will be late."

"Okay, lets go." I say (she changed during the convo.)

~after the photo shoot~

"what now?" I ask

"Ice Cream!!!!!" Kylee yells, and we go to DQ.

~at home (the boys' house) @11:15~

"the boys are skyping me" Kylee says.

"But we are watching a movie." I say.

"Hi boys!" Kylee exclaims.

"Hey Ky!" Liam and harry say at the same time.

"Where is Carissa?" Louis asks.

"Right here." Kylee turns the camera to face me.


"what you girls doing?" The boys ask.

"Watching a movie"

"what movie?"

"the hunger games." We say.


"yeah, it just ended." kylee says. I look up to see she is right.


"yeah, well im tired, and I want to go to bed." Kylee says.

"Yeah me too." I say.

"Okay, we love you!!!" The boys say, and blow kisses.

"okay bye." Kylee says laughing. And starts to go upstairs.

"Here, let me get the laptop."

"thanks." Ky says, we get to the top of the stairs.

"will you put it in my room please." Ky says.

"Yeah, where are you going."

"uuuuuhhhhhh, Liams room." Kylee says, blushing.

"awww kywee has a crush." I say in a little kid voice. I hear her mumble shut up and go in liams room.

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