The Possessive Bad Boy -Niall Horan-

"I never meant to hurt you,"
Arielle Collins never meant to fall for the bad boy Niall Horan, it was an accident. She was that loner kid who you never really noticed. She lived with her older brother and cousin. One day she was walking home when she bumped into him. Expected him to be angry, she ran away from him. But once again fate brought them together. She was scared, but it turns out he isn't what she expected.
"Do you believe in love at first sight?"


1. Prologue



 Arielle's POV

I never meant for this to happen, it just did. One day I waking home and I bumped into Niall Horan, the town's bad boy. I was scared out of my wits so I ran. I thought that would be he last time I would see him, but boy was I wrong.


Oh gosh I need to go quicker! I don't get home by 6 my brother will kill me! I was so distracted by getting home faster that I didn't notice I bumped into someone. I stumbled a bit at first. Gosh I'm so clumsy!

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't see you!" I gushed to the person. I looked up at the person and saw pale blue eyes.

He looked down at me, his face emotionless, but I knew him. He was Niall Horan, the town feared him. He has anger issues, got sent to jail twice, hangs out in the bad parts of town and just down right scary.

He cocked his head to the side and his eyes grew darker.

"I um- I got to go," I mumbled. I looked down and walked past him. I felt his eyes burn holes into my back. I just hope that will be the last I see of him.

*End of flashback*

So now everywhere I go, he seems to be near. I just hope we won't actually meet again. Too bad that won't happen.





So this is the prologue for The Possessive Bad Boy! I hope you liked it. Belonging To Him will be updated soon I hope :)


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