Summer Camp

It was the beginning of summer. Dan didn't want to leave home while Phil couldn't wait to go back to camp.


1. Prologe


Summer Camp

It was gonna be a normal. Phil was looking forward to go back to camp and Dan. Dan's mum still can't stand what her sons loves. Hoping that camp could help change him. The was is, this summer only made him more sure.


 "But I don't want to go to camp," Dan said to him mother.

 "Too bad, you're going," him mother said. "We've already got you signed up and everything."

 "What did I do wrong?" He asked.

 "You did nothing wrong. It's just to help you with some social skills and help find a girl you fancy."

 "Mum," he groaned. "You know that I don't..." He started not wanting to go through explaining it again.

 "Oh, just start getting packed. You're going tomorrow," she said walking away.

 "I was hoping this would be a summer I would actually enjoy," he mumbled to himself.


 "Are you sure you'll be alright to go?" Phil's mum asked him once again.

 "Yes mum. I was so much fun last year. You could even tell that I was happier when I came back home last year. Please mum, I've been waiting all year to go back," Phil rambled.

 "Oh you were so happy then sweetie," she said. "Fine, but don't think that I won't miss you like crazy."

 "I'll miss you too mum, so much.  I just feel like that's where I should be," he explained. He had a different feeling this year, a feeling that something would be there waiting for him.

 "You go get packed then," she said kissing his forward  head.

 "I love you mum," the boy said running up the stairs.

 "Oh Phil, please be careful," his mother said to herself.

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