Summer Camp

It was the beginning of summer. Dan didn't want to leave home while Phil couldn't wait to go back to camp.


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“What are you gonna make?” Chris asked as they walked to the crafting cabin.

“I’m not sure yet,” Pj answered.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they have in their,” Phil said as they all walked in.

They all started looking around, seeing what they could find.

Hours later, they were all done and looked at what the others also made.

“Well that happened,” Dan said.

Phil stood next to Dan and rested his chin Dan’s shoulder.

“Hi,” Dan whispered.

“Hi,” Phil whispered back.

“What now?” Chris yelled.

“Relax time,” Pj answered.

“Pretty much just do whatever you want until lunch time,” Phil told Dan.

“We’ll be at the cabin,” Chris said pulling Pj along with him.

“What do you want to do?” Phil asked Dan.

“Wanna go to the water?” Dan asked.

“Let’s go,” Phil said grabbing Dan’s hand and lead him to the pond. “So are you having fun yet?”

“It’s been interesting to say the least,” Dan chuckled.

“Tell me more about yourself Dan,” Phil said.

“I like the color brown,” Dan answered.

“What’s your life like though?”

“Well it’s just me and my mum. Her main hope is to have grandkids. She’s just so forceful on it though, that’s why I normally stay alone in my room on the internet,” Dan said.

“But you’re gay, right?” Phil asked in confusion.

“Hey there Lester,” a girl said walking up to them.

“Hey Emma,” Phil said.

“How was your year?” She asked ignoring Dan.

“It was pretty good. This is Dan by the way” Phil said still holding onto Dan’s arm.

“Hi,” Dan said shyly.

“So that’s good to hear, I guess I’ll see you around” she said giving Phil a small peck on the cheek and walked off.

“Is she your girlfriend?” Dan asked, his heart sinking at the thought.

“Not at all. She just has a crush on me or something,” Phil answered.

“Why not, she seems really nice.”

“That’s because I’m gay,” Phil explained as they had reached the pond.

“Oh,” Dan said cheering up a little.

“Are you?” Phil asked once again as he sat down on the ground.

“I’m as gay as it gets” Dan said sitting down next to him and laying his head on Phil’s shoulder.

“That’s good,” Phil said.

“Good for who?” Dan asked.

“Me,” Phil said then connected their lips. At first Dan was shocked but kissed Phil back.

“Hey love birds!” They heard Chris yell.

Dan cuddled into Phil’s lap, hiding. Phil wrapped his arms around Dan and just held the younger boy.

“We thought you would be up to no good,” Chris said.

“Oh just shush,” Phil said.

“Well it’s lunch time now,” Pj said.

“We’ll be right behind you,” Dan said.

“Come on now” Pj said.

Dan slowly got up and then helped Phil get up. Phil gave Dan a little peck on his cheek as all four boys started walking to the dining hall. They each grabbed a little of everything and went off eating in silence.

Phil sat just a little bit closer to Dan, softly rubbing his thigh against Dan’s.

“Oh great, look who’s coming,” Chris mumbled.

Dan turned around to see three girls all dressed up walking to them.

“Hey boys,” the girl with ombre hair said.

“Hello Zoella,” Chris said.

“What’s got up all in a mood?” She asked.

Dan sat there confused as none of the other boys answered.

“Aw, are you still mad about last year?” She asked.

“What happened last year?” Dan asked.

“Curly top doesn’t know?” The girl with blond hair that went pink at the botten said.

“Shut up Louise,” Phil said.

“Oh you didn’t even know what was going on Phily dear, you only watched the ending, it began the year before that,” Zoella said.

At that moment Pj got up and went straight to the door. Chris soon followed him out of the dining hall.

“Don’t even think that he never told us,” Phil said to Zoella.

“Oh Phil dear, you’re just too funny. You weren’t here two years ago to see everything that happened,” she said.

“Then why don’t you give your side of what happened,” Dan said shyly making the girls and Phil look at him.

“Well then that just makes you the first to ask,” she said.

“You can’t trust her,” Phil said. “You can’t trust any of them.” With that he grabbed Dan’s hand and walked out.

“Will someone please explain what’s going on?” Dan asked  as they found the other two boys in the cabin.

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