Summer Camp

It was the beginning of summer. Dan didn't want to leave home while Phil couldn't wait to go back to camp.


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Dan pulled Phil in front of him and pressed his lips on the older boy’s. Dan felt like he was in heaven, and nothing else mattered besides Phil. ANd that’s exactly how Phil felt too.

“Okay lovebirds, time for bed. Need to get up bright and early,” Pj said.

Phil slowly left Dan’s soft lips. “Oh, but you’re forgetting something,” Phil said smiling cheekily.

“How did my Peej forget something?” Chris asked being the overprotective boyfriend.

“My dare Chris,” Phil answered.

“Oh yeah. Are you gonna do the mean one or the nice one?” Chris asked.

“Let’s wait to do the mean one later Chris. We don’t need to pressure them into going that far. So Phil,” Pj started out, “I dare you to cuddle Dan all night.”

“I feel like there’s more knowing you two,” Phil said.

“Did I forget to say that you guys have to only be in underwear? Well yup,” Pj said smirking.  

Dan blushed. “I should have seen it coming,” Phil said taking his shirt off.

Dan couldn’t help but stare. “Do we have to be shirtless?” He asked.

“That’s sorda the point of it,” Pj said.

Dan was terrified of taking his shirt off as well as knowing that Phil could easily feel like large amount of scabs on his stomach.

“Nighty night boys,” Chris said turning off the light.

The only way to see was by the moonlight shining through the window. Dan quickly stripped into his boxers. He crawled  into his bed next to where Phil already was.

Phil stared at what seemed to be a petrified and shaking Dan. He didn’t know how to help Dan, he just looked so innocent. Once dan laid down Phil slowly slide his arm around Dan’s bare chest. He noticed Dan’s breathing slow down as they soon fell asleep.



As Phil woke up his arm squeezed around Dan’s stomach, making Dan wince in pain.

“Phil don’t rape the poor boy,” Chris groaned waking up.

“I-I didn’t do anything,” Phil stuttered, now being able to feel Dan’s stomach.

Dan ran into the bathroom crying, not sure what to do. Phil quickly followed behind Dan, and watched what he was doing.

“What did you do to the poor boy Phil?” Pj asked from the other side of the door.

“Don’t worry,” Phil said as he walked closer to Dan. “Just go to breakfast, we’ll meet you there,” Phil said to Pj.

“Alright mate,” Pj said.

“DON’T RAPE HIM!” Chris yelled.

“What’s wrong?” Phil asked Dan.

“I-I’m fine,” Dan answered.

“Then why did you wince? And what was it that I felt one your stomach,” Phil said walking until he was right behind Dan. He put his hand on Dan’s stomach where he felt the scabs. “Can I see?” Phil asked slowly taking Dan’s hand away.

“Phil,” Dan said hoping it would stop him. “Please don’t hurt me,” Dan begged.

“Dan, why would I hurt you?” Phil asked.

“Once people know they start to beat me. The only person that hasn’t is my mum, she’s just trying to get me to fancy girls,” Dan explained.

“What about your dad?” Phil asked.

“He’s in jail,” Dan answered.

“Did he hurt you?” Phil asked feeling overprotective of the younger boy.

Dan didn’t answer, not wanting to admit any more.

“Dan, why is he in jail?” Phil asked again.

“H-he killed someone,” Dan said starting to cry again.

“Don’t worry Dan, he can’t hurt you anymore,” Phil said comforting him.

“He killed my brother in front of me then beat me and my mum,” Dan sobbed.

“Why don’t we go and get some breakfast?” Phil said changing the subject to make Dan happy.

Dan nodded and so the both walked out of the bathroom, got clothes on, and walked to the diner hall.

“Please promise me you’ll stop,” Phil whispered into Dan’s ear.

Dan rubbed his head against Phil’s chest lovingly. Phil wrapped his arms around Dan’s body and held him for a second.

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