Summer Camp

It was the beginning of summer. Dan didn't want to leave home while Phil couldn't wait to go back to camp.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


The next morning the boys slowly got up and made their way to the dining hall. “So…” Dan said trying to make conversation with any of the other boys.

“Nobody is allowed to talk before Chris has his cup of coffee,” Phil whispered in the slightly shorter boy’s ear.

“Oh,” Dan said letting the silence settle  in as they all walked to the dining hall.

Chris went straight for the coffee pots. “Will it always be like that?” Dan asked. “As long as he doesn’t make conversation. I find it so adorable,” Pj said all googly eyed at Chris.

Chris came back with his mug already half gone. “So what are we going to do this morning?” He asked.

“You guys can pick from swimming, hiking, and play some soccer,” Pj said as they got in line for food.

“Let’s have Howell choose,” Chris said.

With that said they were all looking at Dan for an answer. “What about some soccer?” Dan asked, not being physically inclined for going a hike and he didn’t feel comfortable going swimming.

But Phil wanted to get Dan to swim.

“You get to choose next Lester,” Chris said.

“Let’s go for a swim,” he answered.

Dan filled with fear, he didn’t have to admit to what he was doing to himself.

“Peej,” Chris whined, “do we have to go for a hike?”

“We can go for just a little walk in the woods, if that makes you feel better,” Pj said kissing his forehead as they walked to a table.

“I love you Peej,” Chris said sitting half on Pj’s lap.

“I love you too babe,” Pj said.



“I’m just physically unable,” Dan groaned as Chris and Pj laughed at him on the ground. “Can we just go swimming?”

“Can you swim without hurting yourself?” Pj asked.

“If there are no balls, and don’t even,” Dan said pointing at Chris.

Phil held out his hand to finally help Dan up, then they all walked back to their cabin.

“So Phil, what else have you been up to over the year?” Pj asked.

“Find any men as you like to call them?” Chris added.

That made Dan wonder if Phil could like him back. You’re crazy, he thought phil would never go for someone like me.



Dan had practically ripped off his shirt, turning Phil on. Dan ran into the water. Phil quickly took his shirt off and followed Dan.

“They’re into each other,” Chris said to Pj.

“Completely,” Pj said, “got a plan?”

“Camp fire? Truth or Dare?” Chris planned.

“Let’s do it,” Pj said taking his shirt, and Chris followed.

The hours passed by the four boys without them noticing that the sun was almost gone.

“How is it dark already?” Dan asked.

“LIGUORI!” A voice from the woods yelled. “KENDELL! WHERE ARE YOU?”

They all swam out to the shore and ran to their stuff. “LIGUORI!” They yelled again.

“WE’RE COMING!” Pj yelled.

“Who else is with you?” the voice asked coming out from the trees.

“Kendell, Lester, and Howell,” Pj answered.

“Well hurry up it’s dinner time, and you guys missed lunch,” they said.

“We’re coming,” Chris said as they walked into the small patch of trees and to the dinner hall.

“There you four are. We were starting to get worried” he said as we walked up to him.

“We just lost the time, nothing to worry about. Sorry,” Pj said.

“You guys just go get some food.”

We walked in and quickly got our food and ate.

“Campfire time,” Chris said winking at Pj.

“Oh no,” Phil said.

“What’s wrong?” Dan asked.

“They have something planned. Chris only winks when they’re up to something. I learned it last year,” Phil explained.

“Oh,” Dan said as they all got up.

“Truth or Dare, Dan?” Chris asked.

“Dare,” he answered.

“I dare you to hold Phil’s hand until we get to the cabin,” Chris said without hesitating.

Dan looked down at his hand and noticed Phil was already holding out his hand. Dan smiled and gladly took it.

“Your turn Phil,” Chris said.

“Truth,” Phil answered.

“How does holding Dan’s hand make you feel?” Chris asked.

“Uh,” Phil stuttered.

“You know the punishment,” Pj reminded him. “And we know when you lie.”

“What’s the punishment?” Dan asked.

“Have to jump in the lake naked or go for a run around the camp naked,” Phil answered.

“You need to answer,” Chris sang.

“It feels really good. It’s making my heart flutter,” Phil said shyly.

Dan squeezed Phil’s hand as if to say he felt the same.

“Truth or Dare Chris,” Dan said.

“It doesn’t work like that. Can’t do any of the older campers by two years,” Phil explained.

“4th year,” Chris said.

“7th for me,” Pj said.

“So it’ll pretty much be me and Phil?” Dan asked.

“If everything goes as planned,” Chris said as we arrived at the cabin and walked in.

“You should also know that there's only two rounds for each person to pick the first and the older chooses gives the a dare,” Phil said still holding onto Dan’s hand.

“Dare me Chris,” Dan said feeling full of adrenaline.

“Someone is a little anxious, are we Dan?” Chris asked.

“Well what could go wrong?”Dan asked.

“Well it is camp, a lot can happens after camp Dan,” Chris replied.

“Can you just dare him already,” Pj said getting impatient.

“Dan I dare you to kiss Phil.”

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