Summer Camp

It was the beginning of summer. Dan didn't want to leave home while Phil couldn't wait to go back to camp.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Dan’s mum opened the car door and looked around at the camp around her and her son. “Come on now, you don’t have all day,” Dan’s mum said.

Dan slowly got out of the car as a guy walked over.

“Hello there, I’m Pj,” said  the curly brown hair, green eyed boy. “And you would be?” He asked.

“I’m Dan,” Dan answered.

“Daniel Howell?” Pj asked.

“Just Dan,” he said.

Pj looked down on his clipboard. “Well it looks like you’re bunking with me.”

“Are you going to be the one looking after him?” Dan’s mum asked.

“Yes, I’m gonna be in charge of Dan and two others that’ll be in the same cabin,” Pj explained.

“Will there be girls in this cabin?” She said.

“Mum,” Dan groaned.

“Oh no, don’t worry about that,” Pj said looking behind us. “There’s one of the other boys now,” he said  pointing to the car that just pulled up.

“Well I just want my little Daniel to work on his people skills  and be outside. Also maybe find a lady friend, but I don’t want anything to happen,” his mum said.

“MUM!” Dan yelled.

“I’ll just be going, just get your things.”

“Hey Liguoir,” said the boy from the other car yelled out.

“Hey Lester, come meet the new one in the cabin. Dan Howell,” Pj said.

A boy with dark black hair and icy blue eyes walked over to Pj and Dan. Dan couldn’t help but think that he was the most handsome boy ever. “I’m Phil,” he said blushing.

“Hi,” Dan said blushing too.

“Well it’s good to see that we didn’t scare you off last summer,” Pj said.

“Not a chance,” Phil said. “Do you know where Chris is?

“Not here yet,” Pj said. “Oh, can you show Dan where the cabin is?”

“Sure thing. Let me just grab my things and I can show you around the camp then,” he said to Dan.

Dan grabbed his two bags while Phil grabbed his.

“So what made you come?” Phil asked.

“My mum forced me. She wants me to learn to be more social. I think she mainly wants me to change,” Dan said.

“Change what?” Phil asked now intrigued by this younger boy.

“It’s a long story,” Dan said quickly.

“Well you’ve got two and a half months to explain. That’s our cabin,” Phil said pointing to one that seemed a little farther off than the others.



The four boys Pj, Chris, Phil, and Dan all sat around the campfire that was set in front of their cabin. Each of them had finished eating some marshmallows. That’s when Chris started the conversation, mainly wanting to learn more about this brown haired boy, and could Phil wanted to even more.    

“So Dan tell us about yourself,” Chris said almost sounding seductive.

“I’m from Berkshire,” Dan said.

“Yeah yeah, we know that. Tell us the juicy stuff,” Pj said.

“What do you mean?” Dan asked.

“What’s up with that mum of yours?” Pj asked.

“She just doesn’t accept it,” Dan said wanting them to accept him.

“What do you mean?” Chris asked. “Are you gay or something.”

“H-how do you know?” Dan asked.

“Clued it together from your mum,” Pj said.   

“Oh,” Dan said looking at the ground.

“Don’t worry about it here,” Pj told him.

“Just don’t go hitting on my Peej,” Chris said sitting on Pj’s lap.

Dan’s eyes widen, all Phil could think of was of how pretty they looked. They look like a chocolatey brown, I can’t stop thinking about them  Phil’s mind went on.

“You don’t need to worry about any judging from here,” Pj told Dan again.

“So Phily boy, how was your year?” Chris asked Phil.

“Oh not that bad. My mum finally left my dad, with me of course,” Phil said still staring into Dan’s eyes.

“That’s amazing!” Pj and Chris cheered.

“What’s wrong with your dad?” Dan asked. “If you don’t mind me asking, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to to though,” Dan said starting to ramble.

“I’ll explain tomorrow, it’s getting late,” Phil said. “We need the sleep if this year is gonna be anything like last year.”

“Oh it’ll be pretty much the same, but I’ll let you little boys choose the activities we’ll do,” Pj said getting up. “Breakfast is at 7:15 sharp.”

They all slowly got up and walked into the cabin. After changing into their pajamas, Pj and Chris cuddled in one bed, Phil toke the bed one the right side of the cabin and Dan took the one across from him. Phil knowing that Dan was so close to him made it easy for him to fall asleep, while Dan was thinking just the same.

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