A poem I wrote about having a friend with an ED.



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I should have been worried 
When you swapped sandwiches for diet coke
And only ate when your parents made you
And you went down a dress size in a month

I should have been worried
When I was at your house
And you lied to your mum about what you had for lunch
When we all knew it was nothing

I should have been worried
When you said you were sick, or tired
Joked about being whiter than milk
And attributed your prominent bones to genetics

I should have been worried
That time
When I smelled vomit in your bathroom
And you blamed the dog and went quiet

You should have been worried
 when I left the room
When I saw you in a swimsuit
Because I didn't think you needed more tears in your life.

When your breasts got smaller
And your t shirts grew in the wash
And though you'd never lain with a boy
You hadn't bled in months

I saw your skeleton shift closer to your skin
And you looked as though a gust of wind
Could knock out all your breath
And make you crumple

I watched you fall asleep for no reason
You counted away 
And the calendar crosses marked each day left 'til you die
And all your friends said they were busy

And I worried.



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