2 guys and 1 girl

Jolica is a Belieber and a bit of a Mahomie what happens when she wins Justin Bieber tickets and meet and greet pass and Austin Mahone is his opening act. and jolica get two be the one less lonely girl and Justin Bieber has feelings for her .. what happens when Austin has feelings for her to.. Who would she pick??


4. winning !!

     wensday afternoon

  jolica pov 

i was listening to the radio when i heard the radio announcer  say 

announcer: do u want to win Justin bieber ticket n meet and great pass?

me: yesss!!!

announcer: OK all you  have to do is call this number 1773123456789 (this is a fake number) and answer 6 questions right and u get 2 tickets now! i dial d 5 times by the 6 time they answered

announcer -a  jolica -j

a- hello call 6 you can win Justin bieber tickets if you answer  all 6 right  are u ready?

j- yes

a- OK what is Justin middle name ?

j- drew!

a- correct 5 more to go what are Justin's 2 favorite color?

j-purple and um mm gold?

a- correct 

j- ahhhh

a- 4 more to go when was Justin born?

j- march 1 1994

a- correct just 3 more to go  how many tattoos does Justin have right now?

j- 18 tattoos

a- yeesss OK 2 more what is the name of the first girlfriend justin had?

j -Catiline beadles

a-yes last n final question  whart is justin fav # ?

j- 6 ?

a- im sorry you won u and a friend are going to see justin bieber this saturday

j- ooommmgggg ahhhh 






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