2 guys and 1 girl

Jolica is a Belieber and a bit of a Mahomie what happens when she wins Justin Bieber tickets and meet and greet pass and Austin Mahone is his opening act. and jolica get two be the one less lonely girl and Justin Bieber has feelings for her .. what happens when Austin has feelings for her to.. Who would she pick??


7. talking to austin


 Jolica pov

jolica:ummm i dont know i just met u soo im going to have to say -- YES 

austin: yes so this is my number 

 he gave mew his number and i gave him my number

 Austin pov

yess i got jolica number  when they left did my happy dance and Justin  laugh at me cause he was recording with his phone


A- you did just not record that

J-oohh yes i did . then he started to ran

A- ima going to get you 

J- ooh no you wont  he said laughing  

then i jump on him 

J-dang dude ur heavy

A- i know 

J- fine ill wont show it to no one  

A-ok thxs bro 

J= any time bro lets just say i never promises  he said the last part mumbling 

 A- wat  

J- nothing 

A- whatever ima going to text jolica

   Jolica pov

   i was getting in  the car when i got a txt  from  Austin   

(jolica-j  Austin-a) 

A- hey jolica

J- hey Austin  waz up

 A-so wat u doing 

J-  nothing just getting in the car with  julie HBU?

A-  nothing just thinking about you 

i blush of what austin said

J- hey when  do you go off tour?

A- today was my last day  why?

J- i just wanted to get to know you more the real you ......if thats ok with you

A-sure how about  umm  next friday i take you out on a date since its saturday and i need to catch up with my friends 

J- ok sure well im home cause its about to be 12 ill text you tomorrow or u can text  me  

A - ill text you 

J-ok well bye talk to you tomorrow bye

A- ok bye babe txt you tomorow 

i blush at what he said  then i  got  change and then got in to bed  and thought of what i should wear on friday on my date with austin 



omg austin is going to take jolica out on a date omg i wonder

if he is going to ask her out ooh spoiler alert


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