2 guys and 1 girl

Jolica is a Belieber and a bit of a Mahomie what happens when she wins Justin Bieber tickets and meet and greet pass and Austin Mahone is his opening act. and jolica get two be the one less lonely girl and Justin Bieber has feelings for her .. what happens when Austin has feelings for her to.. Who would she pick??


2. guess wat!!!!!!

 Jolica pov

   I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.It  said 6:55 AM.I got up and took  a quick shower.

   when i was done i blow dry my hair. Then i put my hair in a messy bun. by the time it was                       7 :30 AM . School  doesn't start till 8:15 .So i deside to text julie

To:Julie From: Jolica

  hey r u up yet???

 From: Julie To:Jolica

yeah hbu 

To: Julie From: Jolica

yeah  do u want me 2 pick u up

From: Julie To: Jolica 

 yeah sure n guess wat !!!

 To:Julie From: Jolica

  sure ok b there in 20   guess wat of wat

From:Julie To: Jolica

ill tell u when  u come n pick mi up ok

To:Julie  From:Jolica

sure watevs get ready ima go pick u up bye

From:Julie To:Jolica 




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