2 guys and 1 girl

Jolica is a Belieber and a bit of a Mahomie what happens when she wins Justin Bieber tickets and meet and greet pass and Austin Mahone is his opening act. and jolica get two be the one less lonely girl and Justin Bieber has feelings for her .. what happens when Austin has feelings for her to.. Who would she pick??


5. concert

jolica pov

i was so happy that to day is the day i meet 2 of my favorite artist Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone. my friend Julie is coming with me . i wish that my friend Briitty can come but she is in college i get to see her in ;3 months i cant wait . she is a belieber like me. i put this on http://s1.favim.com/orig/21/justin-bieber-shirt-shorts-Favim.com-206684.jpg Julie wear a blue shirt and shorts at the concert

Justin pov

dang the beliebers are so loud i thought to my self

Justin: yo Austin better get ready the show starts less than 10 minutes

Austin: i know.......... OK ready

Justin: ok see u later

Jolica pov when Julie and i got to the areana i was so excited cause i was meeting my idol. when julie and i got to our seats Austin started singing what about love .After he was done singing what about love he started singing say somthing then

Austin pov

 i looked at all the girls and my eyes land on a girl .i stops singing for a little bit and then my dancers told me  to finishish the song .omg i just saw a beutiful teenager my thoughts were interuptet when my dancer told me to finish the song whenn i was done performing i told justin where she is so she can be the one less lonley girl he said sure since i dont have a girlfriend and he gots selena

Justin pov

Austin told me were she was when i was performing i saw her she was beautiful

 Justin :can u guys help me cause im looking for that one less lonely girl!!

jolica pov i was singing in mi head and then i felt a tap on my shoulder and i turn around and someone asked me a question that every girl wants to hear person: do u want to be the one less lonley girl? 

jolica: yes

person:ok follow me 

i  followed the person 

person: ok  one of Justin 's dancers will take you to ur seat 


Justin's dancer: ready?

Jolica: ok ready ! she said inpatient 

 Justin pov 

 i was singing then she came out

i was speechless but i continued my song  i put the rose crown on her head then i sanged to her and i saw her blush 

i was done

Justin: whats your name beautiful?

Jolica: Jolica

Justin :everyone give a round of applause for jolica

 everyone applause she blushed

i took her backstage and told her that austin wanted to talk to her 

Jolica :how about later i want to finish watching your concert

Justin: wat? 

Jolica: ooh i have meet and great passes !

Justin:ok ill send someone to take you back to your seat and ill tell austin u said ull talk to him at the meet and greet  saya later sweet thing . she blushed  even more

Jolica ok bye 

Justin pov 

Justin  :yo austin  the girl u like said noo . austin  frown 

Justin :but she said shell talk to you at the meet and greet ok well  gota concert to finish bye









sory i didnt update i have school and chores to do ill update 2morrow


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