2 guys and 1 girl

Jolica is a Belieber and a bit of a Mahomie what happens when she wins Justin Bieber tickets and meet and greet pass and Austin Mahone is his opening act. and jolica get two be the one less lonely girl and Justin Bieber has feelings for her .. what happens when Austin has feelings for her to.. Who would she pick??


3. at school

 Jolica pov

 i wonder what Julie has to say ,i thought to my self on the way over to Julie's house. She was already out side.

Julie:hey Jolica


Jolica: hey julie now wat do u wanna tell me??? i asked inpatient

 Julie:i'll tell u later Ms. inpatient . i hate it when she called me that i said to my self 

                                                                 AT SCHOOL

 as i was putting my stuff in my locker that's next to Julie and Sulie and Andrea next to Sulie

i thought  wat Julie wanted to tell me.my thoughts were interrupted when Julie snapped her fingers in my face .

Jolica: what !

Andrea,Julie and Sulie : are you OK?

Jolica: yeah im fine now Julie can you tell me  already?

Julie:fine guess wat famous artistis coming next week?

Jolica: i don't know who ?

Julie: Justin bieber n Austin mahone!!

Jolica: aaaaaaahhhhh!!

every one turn  to look at me then  julie,sulie, andrea and me started laughing

later that day


                  end of school

Jolica pov

 jolice: hey ill catch u guys later  ok ahe said to julie sulie and andrea

julie: hey do u think i can come over cause my mom doesnt come till 6:30

jolica: sure bye

                                                     at jolica place

jolica: hey julie are u hungry

julie:yeah wat about u

 jolica : n o justc find what ever u want to eat in  the fridge ok   i need to see if there still justin bieber tickets left.i said running

 up the stairs to my room  i turn on  my laptop and went on Ticketmaster 

Jolica: aaaaaahhhhhh 

 julie:what happend?! julie said running up the stairs

Jolica:justin bieber tickets are all SOLD OUT!!!!!!

julied calm down he is just a guy

jolica : he is not just some guy he justin bieber is it only air we breath is it-

i was cought off by julie

 julie: shut up u can still win ticket from the raidio station

  jolica:ok fine



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