Crucio the chamber

(Sequel to Avada kedavra my heart)

Isis doesn't mind being held back and neither does her dad. She has finally learned true powers as an metamorphmagus. She is now in the same year as most of her friends. Her and Fred are as close as ever. So what happens when her dad is in a freak accident or she finds out the heir of slytherin has it in for her? She just wants a normal year but that isn't possible for her.


4. The midnight meeting


the rest of the day went by freakishly slow. Isis would walk away whenever I tried to ask her what was going on but she refused to hear me out. We had a week and a half before school started and I absolutely could not wait. I honestly had a bad feeling about it though. It was almost like I knew something was going to happen just like last year. Finally it was midnight. 


*Dumbledore* (surprise)

I was pacing my study as I thought. Why did Isis feel pain like harry or quirell? The it hit me. Of coarse! She was griffindors  last remaining descendent and voldemort was slytherins!  All the houses descendants are connected by old magic.  I must inform them! I apparated to the burrow. (The headmaster can apparate on hogwarts grounds.) the lights were off but I noticed two shapes on the roof as I drew closer I heard buys of the conversation "I promise it was a sill mistake" and "oh thank god" I recognized the voice of Isis and Fred. I flew to the roof (he doesn't need a broom) and they turned shocked towards me. "O-oh hi professor." Fred said. "This is urgent and I need you to listen" I said. I explained everything I knew about the old magic bounding descendants. "Do not speak of this to any one but perhaps harry and George. You don't want to leave your twin in the dark," I said with a smirk before disaparateing.

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