Crucio the chamber

(Sequel to Avada kedavra my heart)

Isis doesn't mind being held back and neither does her dad. She has finally learned true powers as an metamorphmagus. She is now in the same year as most of her friends. Her and Fred are as close as ever. So what happens when her dad is in a freak accident or she finds out the heir of slytherin has it in for her? She just wants a normal year but that isn't possible for her.


2. Never again


      Isis had sent me a letter with jake saying her dad was dead. I sent many owls over the past hour but she didn't answer any of them. "Mum I'm going to visit Isis will you come," I asked her walking into the living room. "Sure honey but let's take floo powder it's quicker," she replied. I threw the green powder into the fireplace and recited her address. Everything spun as I got to her fireplace.

     I came out if her fireplace and she was no where on sight. Thinking she might be asleep I walked up her stairs. I visited her a lot when her dad wasn't home. I liked him at first but then he began drinking. I don't think he could handle being without Isis. I knock on her bedroom door. No answer. I slowly open the door. I look around and see her on the floor next to her bed in a very scary pool of blood!

      "MUM HELP MUUUM OH MY GOD!" I cried as I heard mum rushing up the stairs. She burst through the door. In my panic I overlooked where her bleeding was coming from. Her wrist had about eight cuts in it and there was a razor next to her. Mum immediately began chanting curses and waving her wand over Isis's body. Hot tears forded themselves from my eyes. My hands were covered in her blood as I held her hand. I was watching mum when I noticed Isis's eyes flutter open. "Damn," she whispered.


        My body felt heavy. I hoped I was dead. It was better to be dead than to live in the hell we call reality. I heard someone crying it sounded like a familiar voice. FRED'S! I opened my eyes. "Damn" I whispered. Why can't I just die already. Molly was hovering over me with her wand at the ready just in case and Fred was crying and holding my hand. "W-why" Fred managed to choke out. Because I'm tired of this life and I want to die is what I would say but I was to tired so I just began to cry. 

       Sobs wracked my body. I felt someone carrying me down stairs. Someone said "the burrow" and everything is spinning. I can still feel the numbness threatening to creep in and leave me defenseless against the world. Everything stops spinning but tears are blurring my vision and I can barely see. I can make out the shape of Fred carrying me. He puts me in a bed and tucks me in. He strokes my hair and sings some kind of wizarding lullaby. Then I fall asleep.


      I sang and comforted her until her breathing became steady and I was sure she was sleeping. She was in my bed. She still had blood all over her but I didn't mind. She looked peaceful as I quietly walked out of the room and down the stairs. Eceryone else was in the living room waiting for me. I noticed harry and Germaine had shown up at some point. I sat down and dad spoke up, "how is she," he asked. "She is asleep In my bed" I replied. "Will she be ok," asked Ginny fearfully. "Yes, of coarse dear," mom cooed. George motioned for me to go outside with him. It was two thirty in the morning so it was almost pitch black. We walked to the garden where I saw a gnome sticking up out of the ground. I ran up and kicked it as hard as possible causing it to fly into the next field over. "WHY WHY DID SHE GAVE TO DO IT," I yelled. George tried to comfort me but it wasn't working. That's when I broke. I fell to the ground crying. If Isis were to die I don't know what I would do. Most people say that oh you have survived without her before you met her but they are wrong. When you meet the one you love they become like a drug. You become addicted and when it's taken away you go into withdrawal. You can't think straight you can't remember how to live. And that's how I feel. George walked inside sensing that I needed alone time. I didn't realize it as I fell asleep. With one thought in my head 'never again would she do that. Never again"

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