Crucio the chamber

(Sequel to Avada kedavra my heart)

Isis doesn't mind being held back and neither does her dad. She has finally learned true powers as an metamorphmagus. She is now in the same year as most of her friends. Her and Fred are as close as ever. So what happens when her dad is in a freak accident or she finds out the heir of slytherin has it in for her? She just wants a normal year but that isn't possible for her.


9. Hogwarts

     I woke up to someone shaking my shoulder. "Five more minutes!" I mumbled turning over. "We're at Hogwarts! "I heard harry say. I shot up causing them to laugh. Everyone was still in our apartment but we were also joined by Ginny as I was sleeping. "Hey" I said rubbing sleep from my eyes. Ginny gave me a small smile. "She acts like this every time Harry's in a room" Ron sniggered. "Shut up Ron" Ginny said regaining confidence.

         But I was distracted by hogwarts looming over us in the dark. I made sure I looked alright before I went in. I have myself bubblegum pink hair and clear blue eyes. I kept the same face though. The train came to a stop and I heard gag rids booming voice in the distance. Ginny rushed from the room as we followed. 

      I was finally home!









sorry about the short chapter!! I literally had five minutes to write this the next one will be longer thnx!

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