Crucio the chamber

(Sequel to Avada kedavra my heart)

Isis doesn't mind being held back and neither does her dad. She has finally learned true powers as an metamorphmagus. She is now in the same year as most of her friends. Her and Fred are as close as ever. So what happens when her dad is in a freak accident or she finds out the heir of slytherin has it in for her? She just wants a normal year but that isn't possible for her.


8. Hogwarts express

  The next week flew by in a flash. I practiced my powers constantly except going back and forth in time. It was finally the day I went to Hogwarts. I decided to get Fred a last minute gift so I ran to the joke shop and got him a box of filibusters wet start no heat fireworks. I missed him so much. I took the nightbus (which I am never riding again) and arrived at kings cross with twenty minutes to spare. I burst through the wall and looked around. The violet engine was amazing. I loaded up my luggage but kept jake with me. When I found an empty apartment and sat down jake let out a hoot. I figured out why. Fred was in the compartment next to ours talking to the golden trio (Ron, Harry, and hermione.) he walked out and saw me. I gave a feeble smile as he came in and sat down across from me. This was not going to be a fun conversation. 

    "Why did you leave?" Fred asked as if he were afraid of the answer.

     "I needed to clear my head?" I offered. The real reason was that I needed to be alone so that I could figure it out without everyone's questions that I couldn't answer.

"I don't believe you" he replied. Ugg how much did he want to know. I noticed my hair had turned fiery red like Ginny's.  he smirked. "Shut up" I said standing up. He stood to looking me in the eye. "Make me." He said. "Fine" I replied balling his shirt into my hand and fitting my mouth to his. We had been kissing for five minutes when I head Malfoy behind us. "No kissing its disgusting. The mudblood and the blood traitor" he said grinning evilly. "What do you want!" I demanded. "Your hair turned red" he said pointing out the obvious. I made it turn green and watched his amazement. While he was distracted I kicked him in the crotch. He fell to the ground and yelled "my father will hear about this!" As crabbe and goyle advanced. I grabbed my wand and put a full body bind curse on crabbe and a bat bogey hex of Hoyle who ran screaming from the room. I saw malfoy getting up so I grabbed his arm twisting it behind his back. He screamed. Another inch and his arm would snap. I let him go and shoved him from the room along with crabbe who was still stiff as a board. As I shoved them out the potter gang came in. 

        "Bloody hell" Ron exclaimed. I just shrugged. I noticed Fred on the floor in a fit of giggles. I raised an eyebrow. He quickly straightened. "Wizards chess?" Harry asked. We all agreed except for hermione who was reading one of lockharts books. We had to buy the whole set! I lay down on the ground watching them play and let the train lull me into a peaceful sleep.

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