Crucio the chamber

(Sequel to Avada kedavra my heart)

Isis doesn't mind being held back and neither does her dad. She has finally learned true powers as an metamorphmagus. She is now in the same year as most of her friends. Her and Fred are as close as ever. So what happens when her dad is in a freak accident or she finds out the heir of slytherin has it in for her? She just wants a normal year but that isn't possible for her.


3. Better again


        I woke up in Fred's bed, for some reason I was smiling.  I looked down at myself and gasped. I was covered in blood. I had band aids on my arm and it hurt like hell. Suddenly everything came back to me. Dad, Jane,Fred,the razors. I forced myself to calm down, I needed Fred. I got out of bed and looked around for something to put on instead of my ruined clothes. I opened Fred and George's closet and found a pair of Fred's sweatpants and a weird sisters t-shirt. (They are Ginny's fav band.) I walked to the bathroom and locked the door. A waved my wand which I thankfully had In my pocket when Fred found me and gave myself a quick shower using a spell I learned. I stripped so I was naked and peeled the band aids from my cuts. I recleaned them and put fresh band aids on. I looked in the mirror while putting on the clothes. I decided to have waist length golden curls and blue eyes. I have myself a petite figure and a small nose with a few freckles. Finally pleased with my look I walked down the stairs hoping to see Fred eating. He was nowhere In sight. I did however see Molly at the table. "Do you know where Fred is," I asked her nicely. "He went out to the front garden last night and hasn't returned yet, George said to leave him and I'm rather worried," she replied the worry clear in her voice. " I will check up on him don't worry Molly" I said as I walked out the door. Fred had fallen asleep in the garden and was snoring softly. I thought of the best way to wake him up and suddenly I thought of it!! I raised my wand and said "levicorpus!" He was lifted up into the air by one foot.


        My eyes shot open as I was lifted into the air. Isis was standing there laughing. I stuck my tongue out and grabbed my wand I muttered the counter curse and landed in a heap. 

"Good to see your feeling better" I said with a smile. She just smiled sadly. I got up and took her hand. "We need to talk," she said reading my mind. I gave her a hug and had an idea. "FOLLOW ME!" I shouted running to the broom shed. I grabbed a comet 260 and gave it to her then grabbed one for myself. We mounted our brooms and took off her following behind me. We flew to the top of the burrow and sat in the roof. It was about 20feet around and big enough for my whole family to sit on.

      "Listen about yesterday.." She began but I cut her off. "Promise me you won't do that again! You can't because if you die I'm going down with you!" I exclaimed. "I just wanted to feel, I went numb and didn't see any other way out of the pain." She whispered. "If you need to feel all you have to do is ask for help," I said sadly. "Then help me! I can't take it knowing I have no family left!" She cried tears cascading down her cheeks.

           "Always," I said before fitting my mouth to hers. She granted my tongue entrance as we fought for dominance. She broke off first, "meet me here at midnight she said before flying back down to the burrow. I lied there got another 5 minutes before joining everyone inside.

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