Do You Know Your Enemy? (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Sierra is not an average girl she is always bullied from 5 hot Football(Soccer) players named Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne.
She is a WallFlower, her best friends are in the popular group named Perrie Edwards (dating Zayn), Eleanor Calder (dating Louis) Danielle Peazer (dating Liam), Demi Lovato (Dating Niall) . That's why they make fun of her, nobody knows not even her family she keeps it secret cause she'll get into trouble. Her friends have caught there boyfriends bulling her but it never stops. On top of that she likes her bully Harry but nobody knows that. Do they stop bullying her? Does she still have friends? Does she fall in love with her bully Harry? Read more if you want to know what happens.


7. Sierra


"Do you think I can wake up now?" I wondered aloud. "Yes I will take you back right now." "WAIT" "what?" "I want to know will you visit me every night in my dreams? Please?" "Yes I will okay now Wake Up!".... With that I woke up in a hospital I can hear someone crying I move my head a little bit to see the one and only.....

*End of Recap*

I moved my head a little bit to see the one and only..... Harry Styles. He was curled up on one of the beds they had here for patients visitors. I moaned in pain as i tried to sit up and he looked over at me with red, tear streaked face his hair was all over the place, He looked hot, "Your in love with your bully that's cute!" I heard Taylor say in my conscience. Stay out of my thoughts i thought weird? Harry ran over to me and hugged me lightly as he cried "OMG Sierra your alive I thought you died!?!" "No I didn't die I was only talking to Taylor." "Who's Taylor Sierra?" He asked "Oh Taylor is the one that saved me she's my Guardian Angel" "Ok" "You think i'm crazy don't you?" "No I don't think your crazy cause my Guardian Angel is Luke Hemmings" "Okay so were the same?" "Yeah". Then the nurse came in saying i will not be leaving there untill a weeks over which would be next saturday but i was aloud to have one person or two people stay, by now everyone was in my room all the guys and girls were here they looked at each other like they were mentally talking and they said "Harry should stay to keep her company when we are not here. He should stay for the whole week we will visit but for now we are leaving because it's getting late" "Wait!!" "What's up?" "Um were will i be living since my family is in prison and i'm not old enough to be on my own?" Dani walked over towards me and whispered into my ear so no one would here and said "Maybe Harry would like you to live with him. Look at him when you said where should you live his eyes and smile lit up but if you don't want that one of us girls would totally let you in" I saw Harry and Louis talking i could hear bits and pieces of there conversation "Tell my mom i'm staying here....."Ok"....."She should stay at your house...."Yeah just ask her bud"..."Okay." With that everyone left except Harry.

It was 9 o'clock at night, Harry walked over to the patients guest bed and lied down and instantly fell asleep after a goodnight to me. My thoughts were so out there it was already 10 I needed to go to sleep so with that i bit myself asleep.

*The dream*

 I was walking into my house right after Dani dropped me off as I entered my house my Parents were yelling at each other. I tried to shut the front door quietly but it didn't work, they stopped arguing and came over to me 

 "Sierra where the hell were you!?!?!" Mom screamed at me. Making me start to quiver really bad.

"I've been at Daaannniiii's whyyyy mommmm????" I whimpered softly

"Did I tell you, you could go!?!?!!? Huh???" Dad screamed

"i'm Sorry i didn'ttttt mean tooooooooooo i'm soo---------" I rambled and got stopped when they hit me.

"This is what you deserve. You are a disgrace to this family" They yelled in between hitting me.

"Ahhhhhhhh Stop Stop it now please stop" I cried. Where I was sitting I had a clear view of the door.

"NO I will not stop you need to learn to not disobey me" They yelled and hit me really hard I screamed really loud looking at the door praying that someone would hear me, they kept hitting, my dad hit my head really hard I let out a bubbly scream I lifted my hand and touched my head  and brought my hand back to where i could see my whole hand was red and dripping with blood. I screamed and it got cut off when my parents hit me harder, they kicked my stomach I was coughing up blood then the door opened it was my friends and the guys they laughed at the sight "Haha you guys were right she is worthless" Chloe said and everyone nodded and joined with my parents right now i was covered head to toe in blood, bruises and gashed I was slowly dying I could tell, i was feeling dizzy and i couldn't see or hear very good but one last blood curdling scream I saw Taylor she was yelling "WAKE UP PLEASE!!!!! SIERRA WAKE UP" 

*End of Dream/Nightmare*

I woke up to Harry looking quiet scared and 2 nurses looking stressed. "Why is everyone in my room?" I asked puzzled "You were screaming and crying in your sleep dear woke and worried everyone" Harry said and sighed in relief "Oh okay" I wiped my eyes not knowing i was crying Harry shooed everyone out of my room "Can i join you in the bed?" He asked nicely. The bed was big enough for two so i told him it was okay he carefully moved me over and went behind me but i turned to look at him "Babe what was your dream about?"He wondered carefully "It was about how my parents beat me before you guys got there but this version you guys didn't come to save me you guys came to join my parents I died in my dream and i saw Taylor yelling 'WAKE UP PLEASE SIERRA WAKE UP' and i woke up finding you yelling it" I cried he slowly put his arms around me and hugged me I softly cried into his chest. "Sierra," "Yeah?" "I'm so sorry about bullying you i did't know how to express my feeling and that was my only way possible and i made some of my friends join so it looked natural I'm really sorry do you think you could forgive me?" "Yeah I forgive you!" I stated "Um... Sierra?" "Yes?"  "Would you do the honor of being my lovely girlfriend?" I didn't give him a answer i just kissed him, He was confused at first but then smirked into the kiss as we pulled apart he smirked and said " I take that as a yes?" "No it meant no" His smile turned into a frown and looked away "It was a very likely YES" I started to laugh as he turned towards me with the realization that he was just tricked he bursted into a contagious fit of laughter. After that I was really tired he was talking about the Green Bay Packers when he noticed i was really tired "Babe would you like to live with me?" "Yes I would love to!" I yawned and that caused him to laugh "Goodnight my Beautiful Angel!!" With that I was gone into a deep non-nightmared sleep.


hopefully you guys like this sorry i wasn't updating like i promised but your getting it today. Did anyone else hear the Midnight Memories CD? It was amazing :) Byee love you ;)

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