Do You Know Your Enemy? (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Sierra is not an average girl she is always bullied from 5 hot Football(Soccer) players named Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne.
She is a WallFlower, her best friends are in the popular group named Perrie Edwards (dating Zayn), Eleanor Calder (dating Louis) Danielle Peazer (dating Liam), Demi Lovato (Dating Niall) . That's why they make fun of her, nobody knows not even her family she keeps it secret cause she'll get into trouble. Her friends have caught there boyfriends bulling her but it never stops. On top of that she likes her bully Harry but nobody knows that. Do they stop bullying her? Does she still have friends? Does she fall in love with her bully Harry? Read more if you want to know what happens.


6. Sierra


As the paramedics loaded me into the ambulance Harry asked if he could come with me in there "Only if you are related and or girlfriend/boyfriend" "Well i'm her boyfriend" "Okay sir". They all piled into the Ambulance there was me, Harry and a paramedic by the name of Simon. Harry was holding onto my hand saying it will be okay I just let it go in my mind and fell asleep once more.

*End of Recap*


When I woke up I was in a bright white room "Where is Taylor?" I thought "I'm right here." When I heard her i started to cry "I'm dead for good now ain't I?" I asked her "No you are not your dreaming we can communicate by dreaming." I looked over towards her, She wore the outfit I first saw her in that beautiful white glowing lace dress and brown boots and her blonde curly hair. "I have a question for you it's personal for you anyway?" "Yes ask away." She laughed "How old are you? How did you die? What's your Birth date?" I rambled. "I'm 21 years old, How I died is a really long story and my birth date is 9/15/1900?" She said solemnly. "Well I would like to know how you died can I know?" I asked  

Taylor froze like a deer in headlights she looked shocked that I was that interested in how she died. She slowly looked at me with her soft blue eyes, I watched as her bold red lips straightened into a thin line almost like she was thinking about that tragic day. "It was December 25th 1921... I was walking down a main road from my parents house that Christmas night it was snowing medium like not to heavy and not to light. I felt like someone was following me so I stopped and turned around nobody was there I just walked faster still feeling that somebody was following me I picked up my speed to running now i knew someone was following me cause you could hear the extra thud from the shoes as I ran and he followed. He ended up catching up to me, he pushed me down into the snow, right now I was all ready cold this made it worse, he picked me up I was crying I saw his face I knew him from school his name was Mark, I said his name to him he looked at me and smiled that I knew his name. He drugged me to the alley way I fought with him to let me go but that didn't work he pulled my dress up and took my underwear off and he undid himself and he asked me "Heyy Taylor you remember me? I knew you might. Do you know what i'm going to do to you? No well i'm going to make you pay for not dating me and telling people that i'm horrible at sex but i'm not and you will see!!!!" I was a virgin when he said this so after I answered "Why Me?"  He never answered be cause he took his dick and Raped me hard It was horrible he left me there to die I was bleeding in different spots because he didn't just rape me he took glass bottles and hit me with them. I died on Christmas at 21. I watched as people found me the next day with the snow around me and under me Blood Red and my body blue. I took the time to find Mark I killed him while he was showering I shot him put the gun in his hand to make it look like he committed suicide I wrote a note saying I killed Taylor by raping her and beating her and all the other girls that have found like her I did it and i'm glad. They found him 2 days after I killed him. No I never saw him in Heaven or Hell because he wasn't worth those places. He was supposed to be in hell but the Devil didn't like him so they killed him again and he turned to dust, gone forever. That's how I died." Taylor finished her long story by the time she was done I was crying and scared. "Wow you went through a lot now where are you at Heaven or Hell?" I asked "I'm mostly in Heaven but the wings are the Devils cause I killed Mark." What? What if she tries to kill me or my friends she is nice but we need to think "Sierra..... I will not kill you or your friends I promise" "You can read my thoughts can't you?" "Yes I can, I can hear you when you think I'm pretty and other stuff." Oh cool." I said blushing "Do you think I can wake up now?" I wondered aloud. "Yes I will take you back right now." "WAIT" "what?" "I want to know will you visit me every night in my dreams? Please?" "Yes I will okay now Wake Up!".... With that I woke up in a hospital I can hear someone crying I move my head a little bit to see the one and only.....


Heyy Guys hopefully you like this is a twist with Sierra and Taylor don't forget i need 2 more people for my O2L story I need someone for Ricky Dillion and Kian Okay so hurry Byee love you

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