Do You Know Your Enemy? (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Sierra is not an average girl she is always bullied from 5 hot Football(Soccer) players named Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne.
She is a WallFlower, her best friends are in the popular group named Perrie Edwards (dating Zayn), Eleanor Calder (dating Louis) Danielle Peazer (dating Liam), Demi Lovato (Dating Niall) . That's why they make fun of her, nobody knows not even her family she keeps it secret cause she'll get into trouble. Her friends have caught there boyfriends bulling her but it never stops. On top of that she likes her bully Harry but nobody knows that. Do they stop bullying her? Does she still have friends? Does she fall in love with her bully Harry? Read more if you want to know what happens.


5. Sierra


"Um... yeah and I didn't want you guys to know cause i can't sing at all so..." I mumbled.

"Um girl your amazing so knock it off okay" Demi yelled playfully at me.

"Okay." We talked till 8 P.M. and Dani took us all home.


After Dani took everyone home I was the last one to get home, as I entered my house my Parents were yelling at each other. I tried to shut the front door quietly but it didn't work, they stopped arguing and came over to me 

"Sierra where the hell were you!?!?!" Mom screamed at me. Making me start to quiver really bad.

"I've been at Daaannniiii's whyyyy mommmm????" I whimpered softly

"Did I tell you, you could go!?!?!!? Huh???" Dad screamed

"i'm Sorry i didn'ttttt mean tooooooooooo i'm soo---------" I rambled and got stopped when they hit me.

"This is what you deserve. You are a disgrace to this family" They yelled in between hitting me.

"Ahhhhhhhh Stop Stop it now please stop" I cried. Where I was sitting I had a clear view of the door.

"NO I will not stop you need to learn to not disobey me" They yelled and hit me really hard I screamed really loud looking at the door praying that someone would hear me, they kept hitting, my dad hit my head really hard I let out a bubbly scream I lifted my hand and touched my head  and brought my hand back to where i could see my whole hand was red and dripping with blood. I screamed and it got cut off when my parents hit me harder, right then and there the front door slammed open with Harry,Liam,Zayn,Louis,Niall,Chloe,El,Dani,Perrie,Demi and the Cops.

The cops grabbed my parents and dragged them away, By this time I was crying, Harry and Chloe ran to me while everyone else went upstairs to grab all my stuff.

"OMG Sierra what happened!?!" Harry asked me softly trying not to make me even more upset then I am.

"IIIIIII gggggggoooooooottttttt hhhhoooooommmmmeeee fffffrom Ddddannniiii'ssss andddd-------------" I started to bawl. Harry looked a Chloe and smirked and they both hugged me carefully cause my head was bleeding the ambulance was on the way here. I ended up passing out.

*Passing out*

I was in a black room no windows or door at least that's what I think. I sorta could see I was in like a box there was something in the corner, I stared to see what it was, as I looked and moved closer it was a women with black wings. She was tall had long blonde curly hair she wore a white lace dress and brown boots, she had a white glow to her, her skin was pure white, she was very pretty even with her black wings.

"Hello what's your name?" I asked her

"My name is Taylor. Do you know why your here?" She questioned 

"My name is Sierra. And no I don't is this real?" I wondered aloud

"Your here cause after your parents beat you, you passed out in Harry Styles lap but... you stopped breathing, you died in his lap see..." when she said that there was a movie in front of me but it wasn't a movie it was me laying on the ground with paramedics trying to bring me back, all of a sudden I heard a scream/cry then it showed Harry yelling and crying saying "Please Sierra come back I love you" Louis and Niall were holding him back everyone of my friends were crying then the screen went back to black. "You have two choices either go to haven or go back down there and live the rest of you life? Which one will you chose?" Taylor asked nicely 

"Um I would like to go back and live my life!" I said impatiently

"Okay oh and Sierra i'm your guardian angel you will see me again some other time well nice chatting with you!" She bubbly laughed with joy

*End of blacking out*

"Clear" what is going on? "1...2.....3..... Clear" as they said that my eyes began to open. I looked towards the house which wasn't that far away like 1 foot and saw all my friends crying and Harry screaming until the Paramedics and audience started to cheer and my friends looked over at me and ran like a cheetah over to me all the girls hugged me and the guys hugged me crying. As the paramedics loaded me into the ambulance Harry asked if he could come with me in there "Only if you are related and or girlfriend/boyfriend" "Well i'm her boyfriend" "Okay sir". They all piled into the Ambulance there was me, Harry and a paramedic by the name of Simon. Harry was holding onto my hand saying it will be okay I just let it go in my mind and fell asleep once more.


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